Friday, January 8, 2016

PageantLIVE's Red Carpet Award Goes to Miss Teen Galaxy Shoreham-By-Sea Ella Collins Godden from Brighton, England

Miss Teen Galaxy Shoreham-By-Sea

My name's Ella Collins-Godden and I'm a bubbly, fun and ambitious 15 (almost 16) year old! I live in Brighton, England with my parents, paternal nan, two brothers and five dogs. I'm homeschooled and spend a lot of my time singing, working on different showbiz jobs, training and playing guitar & piano. I promote a clean and positive lifestyle and participate in a lot of fundraising and am heavily involved in my community.
I had wanted to participate in pageants ever since I was 8 years old when I watched Toddler's & Tiaras, but they weren't overly popular in my country. When I was 10 years old I went from being homeschooled to joining my local primary school. When I joined secondary school at 11 years old, the bullying started. I competed in my first pageant March 3rd 2013, I didn't place but I loved every second of the experience. May 2013 I competed in my first glitz pageant and was hooked from that day!
I realized my passion for singing when I performed at a pageant for the talent contest. When I was 13 I attended an interview with London record label, BGM Records. The director is still following my career. I've released two charity singles over the last two years and am making my official musical debut this summer.
At the age of 14 I made the decision to leave school after enduring years of abuse at school and struggling with numerous mental health issues.
On February 6th this year, I'll be competing in the Miss Teen Galaxy UK pageant. My goal is to win Miss Teen Galaxy England so I can go to Florida to compete against the international contestants. I will be having a lot of support at the pageant as my mum and sponsors are coming along to cheer me on!

My main ambition in life is to become a multi grammy winning recording artist and to one day set up my own non-profit organization.

I believe that I am in this world to achieve world peace one cause at a time.
LATEST NEWS LIVE Ella Collins Godden



  1. So proud of Ella ☺ Such an inspiration. Good luck at Teen Miss Galaxy representing Shoreham by Sea in February xx

  2. Would have liked to have known about this award as I know a lot of young girls that could have been put forward. And the girls that could have been put forward if research into the girls was done you would have found that they are inspirational unlike the girl chosen who along with her mother have actually spent the last year bullying other pageant families. They only participate in charity work where it benefits themselves, I have been to over 100 pageants at at not 1 has Ella handed over any charity money. The approaches she makes are mainly piggyback on approaches that her mother set up for others just to glorify herself and to take Ella along to to make it about her. I have met both Ella and her mother and have been victim to there bullying and slander.
    When giving these awards out the pageant community should be contacted and asked to vote or at least get to comment.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Who actually voted/selected Ella as a winner for this award? If it was put to vote in the pageant community in the UK she would not have got many votes. Inspiration !!! there are many inspirational girls that would deserve the recognition. We know Ella and her mother and both have been vile and bullied other pageant families and caused a huge amount of trouble.
    Also no one ever sees charity money turned in at pageants, and charity singles are riding on the back of a tragic disaster last summer where people put money towards recording the single, but as of yet no one has received said single.
    Also we must not forget that the family are a stand out family in Shoreham but not for good, they are actually know as one of the most hated families in the area!!!!

  5. Glad I'm not the only one annoyed that this is a total disgrace, giving a bully an award and making out she is an inspiration. Pageant live you should be ashamed of yourselves as you have made this award for the right reasons but not actually cared about where it went, and now you are promoting a bully.

  6. Is this a joke, this girl and her mum are the bullies! They are actually banned from many pageants because of their actions.
    We are all still waiting to actually get the charity single too....This was conveniently announced after a huge disaster last summer and should have just raised the money for the poor victims families, instead they asked for money to make a single (which got Ellas name in the spotlight) and raised a large amount of money (hit target)and 6 months on no one has seen a copy.

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