Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stand in Solidarity: Save the Miss America Sisterhood

A new petition has been started by Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan to stop the current Miss America board members from remaining in their positions of power. This includes the controversial decision to remove former Miss Americas who stood by Sam Haskell when he made knowingly vulgar comments about past winners and they stood by him, complicit.

All board members that stood by Sam Haskell need to go, was a statement adamantly reiterated in the petition.
The message rings loud and clear, "If people truly care about the program and its empowerment of women, then it must be a full turnover."

Mallory Hagan addressed the issue to viewers on Wednesday night via a Facebook Live video and relayed the turn of events, revealing former CEO Sam Haskell is still pulling the strings. In other words, a puppet leadership in the guise of a committee is being formed.

Instead of the current board gracefully stepping down, they are electing to appoint their own new leadership, while still having ties to the source of the problem. Mallory Hagan remarked it was insulting, and she wasn't born yesterday.

So hear this, fans and allies if you will, of Miss America: the committee is only being formed to appease and mitigate those on the side of resistance while a real power play is going down. The Miss America Organization sacrificed their lucrative partnership with Dick Clark Productions in efforts to save their own hide, essentially. They said nothing for 24 hours and got caught, but thought they could weather the storm.

"I am the storm," Mallory told viewers in her video and pointedly looking at the camera to capture the attention of the board. "You're not weathering it."

Former Miss Americas are speaking out once again on this issue including state, local, and former Miss Americas against the current remaining board and calling for their removal. 

Please listen. Speak out. Make your voice heard.

Many Forever Miss Americas reported that their careers had been stalled or derailed post the crown. Betty Cantrell had spoken out on her Instagram live video stating that numerous career opportunities had been sabotaged by the Miss America leadership, as well as Teresa Scanlan. Mallory Hagan was ostracized in the pageant community when she started her pageant coaching business.

According to recent developments, many people have come forward with information that they were not allowed to associate or told not to have contact with Mallory Hagan, including personnel from the Miss Nebraska Organization.

Ostracism has indeed shamefully run rampant under the current form of leadership, from the local to the executive level.

Once again, this is a call to action to not only create change but to demand it. All board members complicit in Sam Haskell and the executive leadership's behaviour need to be removed. A shadow leadership is not what Miss America needs in this dire hour.

To support this petition, and the women affected by this polarizing leadership, please follow the link and sign here: PETITION

By: Natalie McGovern

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Miss America Revolution, What Happens Next?

The first protest that changed Miss America was in 1968. Archived. Getty Images

The breaking news of 49 past Miss Americas have given their voice on a petition to oust Miss America CEO Sam Haskell, and he has officially resigned along with several other board members, and president Josh Randle. 

Personal attacks were made on former winners and disparaging comments were made about their weight, intellect and personal lives.

On Friday, Mallory Hagan appeared on The Today Show and said she felt validated that these allegations have finally come to light. In an Instagram Live video, Miss America 2015 Betty Cantrell attested to being blackballed by the Miss America leadership and having numerous opportunities thwarted that were in the works after her reign. She too felt validated that the truth could come out.

I have personally experienced at the local Miss America Organization level the ostracization and defamation that these Miss Americas speak of. In 2012 I won a local title that I was stripped of due to being too old after I was allowed by directors to compete with three locals. I had to fight to protect my reputation and clear my name. Ironically they just unofficially changed the age requirement to 25, by the way. Five years too late, after I first addressed it to the board immediately and my request to amend the age was without a doubt ignored by the Miss America executive leadership. 

There was undoubtedly an underlying, inherent flaw in this leadership at this level, and now that it has been exposed we anticipate wrongs can be amended in every capacity as we move forward in a new direction for Miss America, an organization of service, achievement and women empowerment.

In an organization that purports to empower, news of the email scandal was a blow to equality and the headway that was being made with women in society.

In male-dominated industries, women have had to live in a pervasive fear culture of harassment for fear of speaking out about the injustices they've been subjected to.

Miss America past and present sisters stood together in our efforts to incite change and a new direction where we can be valued and truly appreciated not only as representatives of the organization but as individuals. Together we unified to call to action change and redirection of an organization we have poured our heart and soul into.

Now, we as the Miss America sisterhood need to cultivate a culture of edifying and supporting our sisters and woman as a whole. Especially those that have been ostracized and scandalized or victims of abuse. Long gone are the days of tolerating the culture of bullying and misogyny in an organization created to uplift women.

A female CEO for Miss America, anyone?

By: Natalie McGovern

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Miss Universe 2017 TOP 16 Post Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe preliminary competition was on November 20, 2017, at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Finals and the crowning of the 66th Mis Universe will be telecast on FOX at 7 PM ET/PT on November 26, 2017.

Top 16 Post Prelims Favorites based on LIVE performance. 

4 Wild Cards explained

Philippines - Rachel Peters. Miss Philippines got beauty and brains and she's adventurous. Did we mention she resembles Blake Lively? Her advocacy is about "celebrating your self-identity." Be fearless! Something that Miss Universe Organization is looking for.

Mexico - Denisse Franco. Miss Mexico is very strong on stage plus she is fighting for women's rights in her country. Women's rights and issues are very relevant in today's society because there are countries that aren't giving freedom, particularly to women. 

Peru - Prissila Howard. Miss Peru is a silent killer on stage. Her presence lingers even after her presentation. She believes that following your dreams will take you far in life, do whatever it takes because we only live once.

Thailand - Maria Poonlertlarp. Miss Thailand's biggest card is her Vogue Thailand beauty cover and the strong support from her country is definitely putting her in the spotlight.

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclaimer: Online votes not included. Photos are from Miss Universe Organization and credits to photographer Patrick Prather.

TOP 10 Miss Universe 2017 Evening Gown Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe preliminary competition was held on November 20th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The final competition and crowning of the new Miss Universe will take place on November 26, 2017.

Three words come to mind when it comes to evening gown: elegance, style and presentation! In evening gown it doesn't matter who the designer is, how intricate the design or how simple it look. It all matters on how the contestants present the gown. Is she able to sell the piece if she's on the runway and we are the side buyers?

Please keep in mind that the TOP TEN was based on the performance of the preliminary LIVE competition.

TOP 10 Favorites

1. Miss Venezuela - Keysi Sayago. Miss Venezuela is a version of a barbie doll. She paired her classic high chignon with a modern twist of lingerie-inspired, silverish-white jewelled with gold lined mesh gown. Perfect statuesque for a perfect 10!

2. Mexico - Denisse Franco. Miss Mexico's white gown was simply elegant and the way she presents it during the prelims seals the deal.

3. Nicaragua - Berenice Quezada. Miss Nicaragua has been consistent in her performance. Her 3D-flowered leaves embellished green ballroom gown with flower accessories reminds us of Mother Nature.

4. Peru - Prissila Howard. Miss Peru wore a classic hourglass and nude effect embellished gown.

5. Philippines - Rachel Peters. Miss Philippines looked stunning in gold and it seems like it's her favorite hue. Is she eyeing to get the gold too? She was wearing a nude effect gown with gold details. 

 6. Spain - Sofia del Prado. Miss Spain wore a feather adorned white gown which surprisingly doesn't look tacky. Miss Spain can wear anything and still look amazing!

7. Colombia - Laura Gonzales. Miss Colombia's vintage styled white gown was modernized by the bodice of flowy feathers.

8. Austria - Celine Schrenk. Miss Austria mixed all the trends in one and as a matter of fact, it looks phenomenal! 

 9. Australia - Olivia Rogers. Miss Australia wore a beaded blue gown with high slit which differs from the prototype and looked fantastic!

10. France - Alicia Aylies. Miss France wore an embellished nude effect gown and a nude modern cape with trinket. 

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclaimer: Photos are from Miss Universe Organization and credits to photographers David Becker and Matt Petit.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TOP 10 Miss Universe 2017 Swimwear Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe preliminary competition was held on November 20th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The finals and the coronation will take place on November 26, 2017, which coincides with American Thanksgiving! How lucky would she be.

Swimsuit competition is one of the most exciting presentations in the competition because everyone can evaluate the contestants based on the definition of their frames and their self-confidence, especially when they are in the scrutiny of the public eye. It sends a significant impression to the judges and the audience on how well each of the contestants prepared themselves physically, mentally and emotionally towards their journey to Miss Universe crown. In short, swimsuit emanates confidence and grace of the wearer.

Please keep in mind that the TOP TEN was based on the performance of the preliminary LIVE competition. All contestants were confidently beautiful in their Yamamay swimwear and Chinese Laundry footwear.

TOP 10 Favorites 

1. Philippines - Rachel Peters. Miss Philippines is 26 years old. This 5'9" beauty says, she "kind of" addicted to surfing. No wonder this bewitching lady possesses this Baywatch bikini body and personality to watch out for! She studied International Baccalaureate degree at the British International School in Thailand and earned her Bachelor's degree in Business, Tourism and Events from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Beauty and brains indeed!

2. Colombia - Laura Gonzales. This 22-year-old and 5'10" Colombian actress and beauty queen believes that being different is just fine and thus makes us special. Did we mention that she has amazing dance moves? Yes, she does! She also speaks three languages which are English, French and Spanish. She had appeared in telenovela La Cacica and several other films in Colombia.

3. Venezuela - Keysi Sayago. Miss Venezuela is 24 years old, stands 5'11" and is the third Afro-Venezuelan woman to win the Miss Venezuela title. She loves volunteering and wanted to have a great impact on the society. 

4. Mexico - Denisse Franco. Miss Mexico is already a professional model at age 19! She stands 5 ft. 10 inches tall. She says, "I'm proud to be a Mexican because Mexican women are brave, we fight for what we want and we always achieve it." She added, "We should be proud of who we are, accept our imperfections and learn to love ourselves as we are." 

5. Spain - Sofia del Prado. This 23-year-old, 6 feet beauty queen graduated a degree in International Relations and plans to further her studies to Master's degree in International Business and Commerce. She says, "Keep dreaming and focus on what unites us instead of our differences."

6. Peru - Prissila Howard. Miss Peru is 26 years old and stands 5'8". She graduated in Human Resources and Business Administration but works as an actress, TV host and a model.

7. Nicaragua - Berenice Quezada. Miss Nicaragua is 24 years old, stands 5 foot 10 inches and holds a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. If ever she wins, she will be the first Nicaraguan to bring home the Miss Universe crown.

8. Canada - Lauren Howe. Miss Canada is 24 years old, stands 5'10" tall, graduated Engineering and still have quite a resume on her list. She's an actress, Toronto Maple Leafs sports personality, model and an entrepreneur, where she owns a start-up company. She believes that "A woman can be powerful when she set her mind to something!" - a lesson she learned from her Mom.

9. Iceland - Arna Yr Jónsdóttir. Miss Iceland had quite a story to share... This 5'8" tall, 22-year-old beauty quit MGI when she was told to lose weight in 2016. We should really learn a lesson from her, that no matter what people tell you - don't let the negativity control you! Three words to describe Miss Iceland: strong, determined and inspirational!

10. Thailand - Maria Poonlertlarp. This 25-year-old, 6 feet beauty began to train as a model with Elle Thailand at age 14 and she was the beauty cover for Vogue Thailand in August 2016. She's very inclined to helping young mothers especially the teenage moms to get back on their feet and to get back into pursuing their dreams.

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclaimer: Photos credited to Miss Universe Organization by photographer David Becker. 


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

TOP 10 Miss Universe 2017 National Costume

Miss Universe contestants debut their National Costume which took off on November 18th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The National Costume Show is an international tradition where the contestants displayed an authentic costume of choice that best represents her country. 

TOP 10 Favorites

1. Canada - Lauren Howe. Miss Canada's national costume in the past was either the mounties or the maple leaf emblem. This time Canada chose to wear true north spirit. 

2. Iceland - Arna Yr Jónsdóttir. Miss Iceland represented a Viking Warrior Woman, the costume includes the homage to several Icelandic animals - a ram's head, the raven's feathers and fish scales.

3. Philippines - Rachel Peters. Miss Philippines wore a chicken headpiece, sarimanok in Tagalog, and it is a symbol of good fortune for the Maranao people in her country.

4. Costa Rica - Elena Correa. Miss Costa Rica represents the golden museum in San Jose. Her costume consists of golden peacock feathers and golden crystals.

5. Dominican Republic - Carmen Muñoz. Miss Dominican Republic represents the monarch butterflies in her hometown.

6. Ecuador - Daniela Cepeda. Miss Ecuador represents the continental regions that make up her nation. Her costume weighed 22 pounds!

7. Ireland - Cailín Áine Ní Toibín. Miss Ireland represents a modern superhero. Will the Hollywood costume designers go to pick this up? Will see...

8. Japan - Momoko Abe. Miss Japan's costume was transformed from ninja ensemble into Japanese traditional kimono. 

9. Mexico - Denisse Franco. Miss Mexico wears a costume that represents "feminism" because she wanted to promote more of "women's rights" in her country.

10. Peru - Prissila Howard. Miss Peru's costume was inspired by a warrior sun.

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclaimer: some wordings are from Miss Universe organization and photos credited to Patrick Prather.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Miss Globe United States 2017 Highlights and Winners

Miss Globe United States pageant was held in Hyatt Regency Hotel in Herndon, Virginia on September 21st to 24th, where Christina Denny of Washington, D.C. was selected to represent the country and potentially bag the Miss Globe crown for the second time in Beijing, China on November 10 to 18, 2017.

The Highlights

Day 1. The New Crown

The unveiling of the new crown with a matching ring was creatively designed by our very own PageantLIVE CEO Pamela Privette in collaboration with Miss Globe United States National Director, Kyle Ean Haggerty, and created by Elementz by Prerna. The crown's focal point is amethyst which is the Miss Globe symbolic color surrounded by clear stones.

Day 2. Evening Gown photoshoot by AJ Photoz and Vizcaya Swimwear photoshoot 

Day 3. A Black-tie affair: The celebration of Life Continues...

We Will Survive Cancer (WWSC) is the official beneficiary of the Miss Globe United States. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to assist families affected by cancer, without financial, or other resources to adequately address their needs. WWSC's assistance includes, but not limited to, child care, arranging family transportation for visitation, managing household finances and family counselling. The Celebration of Life Continues honors survivors of cancer and loved ones lost to cancer. 

The event was produced by PageantLIVE CEO Pamela Privette in collaboration with the Founder of We Will Survive Cancer, Gayela Bynum. It was attended by Miss Globe United States state winners, Miss Globe President Albert Xhaferri, families of cancer survivors and whose loved ones have passed away from cancer. There was a fun fashion show modelled by empowered women namely Kimberly Wilde Warfield, Jana Sedlakova, Patricia Peple, Josie Valdez, Tyeast Brown, Susan Young, Shersher Matthew, Consuelo Perez and Maria; bringing enlightenment in the atmosphere from this devastating disease. There was also an auction where the items were presented by the Miss Globe United States state winners.
The Influencer Models
The Influencer models with EILiveTV Hung Viet Trinh and Chintana Vann
Honored guests who are the families and friends of those affected with cancer
Franz Orban and Lisa Opie
Joyce Cortez and Pamela Privette

The Director's Ball and Preliminary Award Ceremony

The second part of the Black-tie affair was the celebration of National Director Kyle Ean Haggerty's 50th birthday and awarding of the Preliminary winners. 

Kyle Ean Haggerty
Birdy Haggerty

Preliminary Award Winners

The only award that was carried over to advanced in Top 15 was the Interview preliminary winners.

Best Interview

Diamond Group - Washington, D.C., Christina Denny

Emerald Group - North Carolina, Alexis Drury

Sapphire Group - California, Candice Cruz

Best Evening Wear

Diamond Group - Washington, D.C., Christina Denny

Emerald Group - Florida, Jade Richardson

Sapphire Group - California, Candice Cruz

Best Swimwear

Diamond Group - Arizona, Deanna Decker

Emerald Group - Florida, Jade Richardson

Sapphire Group - Michigan, Tamika Vantifflin

Best Performance

Diamond Group - Arizona, Deanna Decker

Emerald Group - Florida, Jade Richardson

Sapphire Group - Mississippi, Ahdis Beruk

Finals and Crowning of Miss Globe United States 2017

Top 15

Miss Arkansas got the lucky card when she was picked on a draw by the reigning Miss Globe, Mary Ryelle Espiritu.

L-R: North Carolina, Alexis Drury; Califonia, Candice Cruz; Michigan, Tamika Vantifflin; Arkansas, Jennifer Wright; Massachusetts, Brittanny Bearden; Minnesota, Mandy Faye; Colorado, Logan Torres; D.C., Christina Denny; Florida, Jade Richardson; Arizona, Deanna Decker; Maine, Patricia Lyons; Texas, Lakesha Clark; Oklahoma, Natalie Camille Miller; Mississippi, Ahdis Beruk; Indiana, Brionna Middlebrooks 

Top 6

L-R: Minnesota, Mandy Faye; Colorado, Logan Torres; D.C., Christina Denny; Florida, Jade Richardson; Arizona, Deanna Decker; Maine, Patricia Lyons

Non-finalists Awards


Arkansas, Jennifer Wright

Nevada, Bianca Gaden

Evening gown

South Carolina, Gabriella Bryce

Illinois, Katrina Jones


1 South Carolina, Gabriella Bryce

2 Alabama, Ashley Wright


Wyoming, Morgan Weaver

Alabama, Ashley Wright

World Championship Of Performing Arts Scholarship

Florida, Jade Richardson

Vizcaya Swimwear Winner (Photo courtesy by Vizcaya Swimwear owner Franz Orban)

Minnesota, Mandy Faye

Top 5 Finalists

L-R: Florida, Jade Richardson; Minnesota, Mandy Faye; Maine, Patricia Lyons; Colorado - Logan Torres; and D.C., Christina Denny

Crowning Moment

Special Appearance by Miss Universe Guyana, Rafaiya Husain.

Fifth Runner-up - Arizona, Deanna Decker

Fourth Runner-up - Maine, Patricia Lyons

Third Runner-up - Minnesota, Mandy Faye

Second Runner-up - Colorado, Logan Torres

First Runner-up - Florida, Jade Richardson

Congratulations Christina Denny - Miss Globe United States 2017! Good luck in China!

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclamier: Photos are provided by Miss Globe United States official photographers and sponsors, AJ Photoz, Benjamin Huynh and Vizcaya Swimwear. 
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