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PageantLIVE & Ask The Crown's Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Setting the Trend

This has been amazing year for PageantLIVE and Ask the Crown.  These accomplishments were made possible by the incredible people who support us...YOU.  A heartfelt thank you to the volunteer staff, family and friends... you are all the backbone that brings life into each and every production.   Here are some of our most memorable interviews and moments from 2014.

10)  Miss Teen USA - K. Lee Graham

9) Gretchen Carlson - Miss America 1989 and host of The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson

8 ) Designer and star of Project Runway, Johnathan Kayne

7) Miss USA - Nia Sanchez

6) World Famous designer Mac Duggal

5) Stephanie McGrane co-hosting the Miss United States Pageant in Washington, DC where it was officially announced that the new winner would represent the US at the 2014 Miss World Pageant. And, of course meeting Megan Young - Miss World 2013!

4) PageantLIVE traveling to Mexico with titleholders from around the world to film a reality TV show

3) Kyle Haggerty helping Elizabeth Safrit win the Miss World Media Challenge with his Ask The Crown interview

2) Miss Universe - Gabriela Isler

1) Our media invitation to cover the Miss Universe Pageant! We can't wait to arrive in Doral! Watch for exclusive interviews with some of the most gorgeous ladies in the universe!

We hope your 2015 allows you to shine bright like a diamond!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Miss Asia Pacific World USA

There is a new competition in town open to everyone who is interested in advancing their career in modeling, pageantry, or the entertainment industry


You DO NOT have to be Asian or of Asian Descent to compete. This competition is open to all ethnicities. Two winners will be crowned; MAPW USA and MAPW USA SuperTalent (1st runner-up).

This is not your traditional pageant. It adheres to modeling standards on the catwalk instead of the traditional pageant walk and posing. 

The Areas of Competition: 

Photogenic - Points will be added to overall score. 

Evening Wear - Couture, high-low, or pageant gowns are acceptable. Cocktail attire is not permitted. 

Fashion Swimsuit – High energy catwalk modeling, Victoria's Secret own the runway in boots, heels, feathers or whatever suits your fancy…just own it! 

Top 12 will also compete in Self Expression; a performing arts or a spokesmodel presentation. 

Top 6 will compete in On-Stage question.

Evening Wear

Fashion Swimsuit - Victoria Secret Style

Self Expression 

Commitments, Benefits and Awards:
** Title is non-contractual. You can compete in other top tier pageants, such as USA, MAO, United States, World America, etc. If you win another title, you are only required to come back to crown your successor and compete at the International Pageant in Europe or South Korea.

** If you do want to compete in another pageant, coaching and preparation is provided to you at no cost.

** The USA National winner wins an all expense trip to compete in Paris, Zurich, Milan and Geneva for International finals. Your competition wardrobe is provided to you at no cost.

** The USA National first runner up will receive: an invitation to the Miss Asia Pacific World SuperTalent 2015; and an invitation to participate at the International competition in South Korea (they receive an invite, but will have to pay their own airfare), all other expenses are paid.

** The  International winner will reside in Seoul, Korea in a celebrity status and travel the world.
** USA National winner's prize package is valued at over $8,000.00
** International prize package is valued at over $150,000.00

1.  Must reside in the United States (you do not have to be a US citizen)
2.  Ages: Biological must be under 17. 17 and older: your external casting appearance must be 30 or under
4.  Not married
3.  Able to commit to compete in the two week national competition in Europe or South Korea

Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent (1st Runner up)
**Invitation to compete in International Competition in South Korea
**Entrance fee paid
**Wardrobe sponsorship
**Training provided
***The International winner receives exposure with international agencies in Europe and Asia, and a modeling contract for 1 year (approximate value $250K)
***Will have a residence provided to in Seoul, South Korea and will travel the world

Pageant Details
**Early Bird registration fee is $395.00 until December 31, 2014.  Effective January 1, 2015 the fee is $495.00 and fee the day of the competition is $595.00

This is a one day national pageant held:

March 14, 2015 in Washington, DC at the Kreeger Theater - Arena Stage

Would you like more information?  Please contact Stephanie McGrane at or call her at (612) 605-9766.



Sunday, June 22, 2014

Up Close and Personal with Chris Franz
~Coaching Expert~
Natalie McGovern

With roots in the entertainment and music industry, Chris Franz has made a name for himself as both a judge and coach in the pageant world.  He started out judging pageants and then began his interview coaching right of the gate when girls would come to him for advice on their interview skills. Chris Franz is a full-service coach and does it all.
If you are interested in a coach who will get to know you on a personal level, then Chris is just the person to get the job done.

A personal relationship between a client and a coach is vital to success, and it is best to have an open communication where you can talk to each other honestly and trust one another. When it comes to coaching clients Chris has a whole process to discovering who you are and bringing out your personality. Chris even goes as far as to have his clients complete a 3-4 page forum to get down the discovery process. At the end of the day the winner’s circle is all about the details.

Chris alluded that being a coach is a lot like being a therapist in many ways-you have to discuss about your body, mind, and talk about things that may be awkward or uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it is important to keep an open channel of communication.

Time to Move On
Chris will do everything to prep you and make you feel ready. If a coach is just coaching you to take your money you often get an intuitive sense and may feel it is time to move on.  Coaching with Chris there needs to be a certain level of dedication from his client to get to the level needed to be able to perform at the absolute best.'

Stage Presence
Stage presence is everything. Don’t forget to smile! A smile is your strongest asset. Learn to perfect poise and personality. Acknowledge that there is a way to do it; in pageantry there is a way to walk and present yourself. Be aware of the audience as well as the judges. Take the moment you are given. Just as in entertainment and the music industry-you have your moment to shine, put It all out there and give it all you've got!

Showing Confidence
Know the system-Miss USA vs. Miss America. Give a little nod, and show the way that you place your hands on your hips and SELL it! Be confident in who you are. Learn how to be comfortable in your pageant shoes, and practice, even if it means vacuuming the house in heels or walking on the treadmill.

Chris tailors his coaching to each individual client. His roots are in the Mrs. Pageants, but he is versatile in coaching all systems. Chris is well adverse in each system because he judges each system and he also keeps up on it. Miss USA is all about the glam, whereas Miss America is about interview, style and poise and the classic beauty queen pageant ideal that comes to mind.

Long Distance Coaching
Coaching long distance is easily accessible thanks to technology.  Coaching by Skype or phone is a viable option if a client does not have the luxury to travel and meet in person.
Skype offers a real time connection when picking out a gown at and needing advice on what to go with for your winning look. Chris Franz also suggests going shopping together online. It’s a little more feasible for remote locations that are not near a gown boutique or pageant shop.

Very Best Pageant Tips:
1.      Stage Presence
Hitting 3 points on stage, don’t forget to acknowledge the judges-look at them-look down toward them, don’t let nerves get to you. Take that deep breath, inhaling naturally puts your chest where it should be and gives you proper posture. Remember this simple breathing exercise to lift you up

2.      Paying Attention
Pay attention to the choreographer of the pageant. It’s your moment to shine so take advantage of that. Be a part of that entire group, then maximize the skills you have on stage.

3.      Panel Interview Tips:
Interview for a panel:
Look at the forehead, look into the right eye. Don’t close your eyes, don’t look down, don’t look above the judges’ heads.
Aside from all the “tough love” coaches out there, Chris will be your #1 fan. He will not be that hard pushing coach unless you want that from him. Chris tells clients to hone their skills accordingly. What are your three weaknesses and 3 strengths?  He will help you fix whatever you feel is broken. An expert in Mrs. Pageants, Chris stated that after coming off of a long hiatus often married women are sometimes not as confident, so he is able to work around the challenges that are presented when prepping a married woman for a pageant.
Overall, Chris coaches from the heart out. You can work on outside beauty, but if you are beautiful on the inside, it will naturally show.

Chris writes for The Platform Magazine which features the accomplishments of successful and inspirational individuals. You can view The Platform magazine electronically online.

For expert full-service coaching with Chris Franz contact Stephanie McGrane at to receive 20 % off! Book today

Exclusive interview with the AMAZING Chris Franz

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Deana Molle is brimming with inspiration and a mentor to young women through her non-profit organization OC Treasure Queen.”  Holding numerous titles, Deana has made her debut as a reality TV star on the show Container Wars. A seasoned pageant queen, actress and celebrity and Red Carpet host, Deana Molle credits pageantry to her success. Deana Molle, she’s here to stay.

Dream Job as a Red Carpet Host
Deana is a host for the Dawn Reese Show. She has the privilege to interview celebrities and film stars on the Red Carpet. Her dream is to interview Charlize Theron, a notable philanthropist outside of her acting career. A humanitarian in her own right, Charlize does amazing charity work that is not always shown in the spotlight.
At the Oscars Deana wore Holt Couture based out of New York, and showcased a classic and fabulous fitting gown. She wore two dresses by Holt, one on the Red Carpet and the other on Night of 100 Stars event.

Treasure Hunting and Faith
Owner of the OC Treasure Queen, Deana makes a living doing what she loves: treasure hunting.  “The early bird gets the worm,” is certainly a mantra Deana lives by.  She makes sure to hit every estate sale and storage unit to find a prized possession she can find to make a profit off of online. Deana dishes that one of her best finds was a bunch of boxes full of vintage Chanel and Amin Eduardo dresses worn by the bygone era of Hollywood starlets and royalty.  In three months Deana garnered a profit of $28,000.

Deana brought her faith in perspective when considering what reality TV show she should do.  She had the opportunity to do OC Housewives, but prayed specifically that she would be able to work with men who get the job done. Deana has been on The Price is Right, and liked the feel of a game show so she was drawn to be on the show Container Wars.

In retrospect Deana is happy with her decision and that she has been able to stay 100% authentic despite her reality TV stardom. With men being predominant on the show Deana said she gets business done without the edge of unnecessary competition or cattiness.   She proved to directors she could be a cast member on the show after the decision had had been made to have an all-male cast.

Pageantry has taught Deana to embrace herself as a woman.  Growing up as a tomboy she tuned into her girly side when she won her first crown at age 12.  A bevy of crowns followed from there as she won the title of homecoming queen, her city pageant, and then the prestigious titles of Mrs. California America, Ms. America 2004, and currently holds the title of Mrs. Southern California.

Other titles Deana has held:
Miss Montabello
Mrs. California, Top 15 at the 1997 Mrs. America
Mrs. California United Nations
Ms. Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
Ms. America 2004 (first Latina titleholder)
Ms. International 2011-2012

Doors are Not Opened For You if You Don’t Open them Yourself

Being a strong independent single mother, when she won the prestigious national title she got her mojo back. Pageants are a platform for who you
are in.  Pageants have opened doors but regardless of a crown or not Deana reminds that “only you as a woman can change your life, with a crown or not, and have the doors be opened for you.” Don’t hesitate to make that phone call to get an interview in and gain publicity. Be a driven person. Reach out. Every day Deana puts on a different crown and empowers herself. She advises to focus on being you and create your future opportunities. Simply put, stay who you are and love yourself.

“Pageants are my sport,” says Deana. A way of life for Deana, pageants are here to stay.

Ask the Crown exclusive interview


Friday, March 28, 2014

Curves Making History at LA Style Fashion Week by Spruce Dickerson

What?!  Opportunity to make full figured fashion history?!  Why YES, I’d love to! 
Finally in the winter of 2014, Designer Dede Allure and her curvy models converged on Los Angeles to make full figured fashion history; being the first plus size designer to showcase at LA Style Fashion Week!  And, well received we were.  International media loved the curvy girls; from Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Greece, Dubai, Tunisia, Mexico, and Asia!  The comments from people who saw our show, and even those who didn’t see the show, have been so encouraging and supportive.  Everyone felt the energy the curvy models were exuding as we were striding down the runway.  Bloggers and various media were interviewing designer Dede Allure on the red carpet, and other models left and right.  And after our show, I and three sister models had the privilege of being interviewed live on LAPrivy, an LA fashion magazine.  It’s like the world was saying “about time”. 

And, time it is.  Slowly, but surely, full figured women in fashion are being recognized as the beautiful, worthy persons they are.  Why can’t a woman be beautiful and sexy if she’s a size 18, 26, 32, and beyond?  I do say we need to love <who> we are < where> we are while working on being healthy, though.  It doesn’t matter what size a woman is, she still needs to be healthy.  But, fashion isn’t exclusive.  Fashion is inclusive and is for everyone.  No one group should have the market on fashion.  And, it’s time the fashion world recognizes the average size of a woman is 14, and that over 60% of our population is full figured.   ALL women are beautiful. 

My mission is to bring awareness of the beauty of full figured women and fashion to the world, as well as, to the fashion scene of my community in Austin, TX.  I made history in 2013 by being the first full figured model to walk the runway at Austin Fashion Week Awards Night. That was pretty exciting.  So, I’m returning this year for a repeat!  In fact, I was just asked by Project Runway All Stars designer, Daniel Esquivel, to be his model for showcasing his full figured designs on the runway this year!  Plus, I’ll be modeling for another wonderful designer, Rick Gonyo, who also appreciates the beauty of curvy women. 

Spruce Dickerson, I have arrived and I am here to stay
All this to say, the beauty of a woman is in the confidence of her walk, the kindness of her ways, the sweetness of her words, and the light in her heart; not in her size.  The world recognizes when a woman loves herself; and in that moment, they aren’t looking at her size, but how she makes them feel and how she gives them hope.

LA Style Fashion Week experienced a great moment in history when confident, curvaceous women captivated a standing-room only audience with their exuberance of loving who they are.  We laid it down on that LA runway, imprinted in history, and the world loved it! 


Spruce Dickerson
Model, Speaker, Pageant Coach, Philanthropist
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