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Up Close and Personal with Chris Franz
~Coaching Expert~
Natalie McGovern

With roots in the entertainment and music industry, Chris Franz has made a name for himself as both a judge and coach in the pageant world.  He started out judging pageants and then began his interview coaching right of the gate when girls would come to him for advice on their interview skills. Chris Franz is a full-service coach and does it all.
If you are interested in a coach who will get to know you on a personal level, then Chris is just the person to get the job done.

A personal relationship between a client and a coach is vital to success, and it is best to have an open communication where you can talk to each other honestly and trust one another. When it comes to coaching clients Chris has a whole process to discovering who you are and bringing out your personality. Chris even goes as far as to have his clients complete a 3-4 page forum to get down the discovery process. At the end of the day the winner’s circle is all about the details.

Chris alluded that being a coach is a lot like being a therapist in many ways-you have to discuss about your body, mind, and talk about things that may be awkward or uncomfortable. Nonetheless, it is important to keep an open channel of communication.

Time to Move On
Chris will do everything to prep you and make you feel ready. If a coach is just coaching you to take your money you often get an intuitive sense and may feel it is time to move on.  Coaching with Chris there needs to be a certain level of dedication from his client to get to the level needed to be able to perform at the absolute best.'

Stage Presence
Stage presence is everything. Don’t forget to smile! A smile is your strongest asset. Learn to perfect poise and personality. Acknowledge that there is a way to do it; in pageantry there is a way to walk and present yourself. Be aware of the audience as well as the judges. Take the moment you are given. Just as in entertainment and the music industry-you have your moment to shine, put It all out there and give it all you've got!

Showing Confidence
Know the system-Miss USA vs. Miss America. Give a little nod, and show the way that you place your hands on your hips and SELL it! Be confident in who you are. Learn how to be comfortable in your pageant shoes, and practice, even if it means vacuuming the house in heels or walking on the treadmill.

Chris tailors his coaching to each individual client. His roots are in the Mrs. Pageants, but he is versatile in coaching all systems. Chris is well adverse in each system because he judges each system and he also keeps up on it. Miss USA is all about the glam, whereas Miss America is about interview, style and poise and the classic beauty queen pageant ideal that comes to mind.

Long Distance Coaching
Coaching long distance is easily accessible thanks to technology.  Coaching by Skype or phone is a viable option if a client does not have the luxury to travel and meet in person.
Skype offers a real time connection when picking out a gown at and needing advice on what to go with for your winning look. Chris Franz also suggests going shopping together online. It’s a little more feasible for remote locations that are not near a gown boutique or pageant shop.

Very Best Pageant Tips:
1.      Stage Presence
Hitting 3 points on stage, don’t forget to acknowledge the judges-look at them-look down toward them, don’t let nerves get to you. Take that deep breath, inhaling naturally puts your chest where it should be and gives you proper posture. Remember this simple breathing exercise to lift you up

2.      Paying Attention
Pay attention to the choreographer of the pageant. It’s your moment to shine so take advantage of that. Be a part of that entire group, then maximize the skills you have on stage.

3.      Panel Interview Tips:
Interview for a panel:
Look at the forehead, look into the right eye. Don’t close your eyes, don’t look down, don’t look above the judges’ heads.
Aside from all the “tough love” coaches out there, Chris will be your #1 fan. He will not be that hard pushing coach unless you want that from him. Chris tells clients to hone their skills accordingly. What are your three weaknesses and 3 strengths?  He will help you fix whatever you feel is broken. An expert in Mrs. Pageants, Chris stated that after coming off of a long hiatus often married women are sometimes not as confident, so he is able to work around the challenges that are presented when prepping a married woman for a pageant.
Overall, Chris coaches from the heart out. You can work on outside beauty, but if you are beautiful on the inside, it will naturally show.

Chris writes for The Platform Magazine which features the accomplishments of successful and inspirational individuals. You can view The Platform magazine electronically online.

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Exclusive interview with the AMAZING Chris Franz

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