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Deana Molle is brimming with inspiration and a mentor to young women through her non-profit organization OC Treasure Queen.”  Holding numerous titles, Deana has made her debut as a reality TV star on the show Container Wars. A seasoned pageant queen, actress and celebrity and Red Carpet host, Deana Molle credits pageantry to her success. Deana Molle, she’s here to stay.

Dream Job as a Red Carpet Host
Deana is a host for the Dawn Reese Show. She has the privilege to interview celebrities and film stars on the Red Carpet. Her dream is to interview Charlize Theron, a notable philanthropist outside of her acting career. A humanitarian in her own right, Charlize does amazing charity work that is not always shown in the spotlight.
At the Oscars Deana wore Holt Couture based out of New York, and showcased a classic and fabulous fitting gown. She wore two dresses by Holt, one on the Red Carpet and the other on Night of 100 Stars event.

Treasure Hunting and Faith
Owner of the OC Treasure Queen, Deana makes a living doing what she loves: treasure hunting.  “The early bird gets the worm,” is certainly a mantra Deana lives by.  She makes sure to hit every estate sale and storage unit to find a prized possession she can find to make a profit off of online. Deana dishes that one of her best finds was a bunch of boxes full of vintage Chanel and Amin Eduardo dresses worn by the bygone era of Hollywood starlets and royalty.  In three months Deana garnered a profit of $28,000.

Deana brought her faith in perspective when considering what reality TV show she should do.  She had the opportunity to do OC Housewives, but prayed specifically that she would be able to work with men who get the job done. Deana has been on The Price is Right, and liked the feel of a game show so she was drawn to be on the show Container Wars.

In retrospect Deana is happy with her decision and that she has been able to stay 100% authentic despite her reality TV stardom. With men being predominant on the show Deana said she gets business done without the edge of unnecessary competition or cattiness.   She proved to directors she could be a cast member on the show after the decision had had been made to have an all-male cast.

Pageantry has taught Deana to embrace herself as a woman.  Growing up as a tomboy she tuned into her girly side when she won her first crown at age 12.  A bevy of crowns followed from there as she won the title of homecoming queen, her city pageant, and then the prestigious titles of Mrs. California America, Ms. America 2004, and currently holds the title of Mrs. Southern California.

Other titles Deana has held:
Miss Montabello
Mrs. California, Top 15 at the 1997 Mrs. America
Mrs. California United Nations
Ms. Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
Ms. America 2004 (first Latina titleholder)
Ms. International 2011-2012

Doors are Not Opened For You if You Don’t Open them Yourself

Being a strong independent single mother, when she won the prestigious national title she got her mojo back. Pageants are a platform for who you
are in.  Pageants have opened doors but regardless of a crown or not Deana reminds that “only you as a woman can change your life, with a crown or not, and have the doors be opened for you.” Don’t hesitate to make that phone call to get an interview in and gain publicity. Be a driven person. Reach out. Every day Deana puts on a different crown and empowers herself. She advises to focus on being you and create your future opportunities. Simply put, stay who you are and love yourself.

“Pageants are my sport,” says Deana. A way of life for Deana, pageants are here to stay.

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