Sunday, December 16, 2018

Miss Universe 2018 Final TOP 10 Predictions

It will go down to one lucky lady! Who will take home the crown? 

Tonight is the night!! Tune in at 7/9PM ET on FOX.

Final TOP 10 Predictions


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Miss Universe 2018 TOP 20 Post Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2018 preliminary competition was held on the 13th of December at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Finals competition and coronation will be telecast at 7:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed on Sunday, December 16th, from the IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

TOP 20 Post Preliminary Competition

TOP 3 Strongest Contestants 

1. Miss Philippines - Catriona Gray. This girl came to win! Miss Philippines started strong, and she maintained being a dark horse. We think Catriona is a total package that Miss Universe could ever have - if she wins. Catriona researched the whole Philippines culture and even rediscovered the history of the pre-colonial Philippines, which she showcased in her National Costume. Based on her social media posts, she was involved in designing her gowns, bags, and accessories for the competition.

Catriona debuted her album, "We're In This Together," to raise funds for Young Focus Philippines. Young Focus’ “DNA” is all about education: educating children all the way from preschool to college. Young Focus believes that education is the most effective way to end poverty in a child’s life. (Source: Young Focus Philippines)

2. South Africa - Tamaryn Green. It won't be a surprise if South Africa will have a back to back win. As a medical student and a Tuberculosis survivor, she has been instrumental in the fight against the disease. Tamaryn says, "The world is on the cusp of a global push to deal with this killer disease. I am very grateful to have the power of Miss South Africa platform – which is so much bigger than I could ever have imagined – and to be in a position to make my voice heard. Because of my title, I have an opportunity to help as many people as I can."

3. Thailand - Sophida Kanchanarin. Sophida graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with the Degree of Business Administration in Finance. At age 23, she became the youngest female manager in TMB Bank. She advocates professional credibility in female leaders, Equal Pay, and the Gender pay gap.

By: Joyce Cortez and Natalie Mc Govern
Photos: Wasan Puengprasert
HO/The Miss Universe Organization

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Meaning Behind Miss Universe Philippines, Catriona Gray's Nonconforming National Costume

Catriona Gray, Miss Universe Philippines carried the whole country on stage. Her National Costume represents the three largest islands of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

"I want to represent the Philippines in all forms," Catriona told ABS-CBN News Dyan Castillejo. She added, "When people see the Philippine sash, it's just a word on a sash, but really, we're made up of so many different places and so much different aspects to our culture."

She collaborated with various artists in the Philippines where she says, "We researched. We consulted historians."

Fans around the "universe" have mixed reactions. But will this be the start of an elaborate, more in-depth concept of National Costumes in the future?

These videos explained how Catriona came up with her nonconforming  National Costume.

Furthermore, she told Vogue Thailand that her accessories represented Mindanao, while her body suit and the Christmas lantern behind her represented the Visayas and Luzon.

The Miss Universe 2018 National Costume Show was held on the 10th of December at Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention Exhibition (NICE) in Thailand.

Will Catriona bag the fourth Miss Universe crown for her country? 

Tune in to the FOX telecast at 7:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed on Sunday, December 16, 2018 from the IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. 

By: Joyce Cortez
Photographer: Patrick Prather
HO/The Miss Universe Organization
Videos: Catriona Gray's Youtube Channel, Cat-Elle

TOP 10 Miss Universe 2018 National Costume

Miss Universe National Costume Show is an international tradition where contestants display an authentic costume of their choice that best represents the culture of their home country. The show allows us to discover the different cultures around the world, the universe rather.

When it comes to National Costume criteria, there are four things to consider: originality, creativity, color coordination, and presentation.

The Miss Universe 2018 National Costume Show was held on the 10th of December at Nongnooch Pattaya International Convention Exhibition (NICE) in Thailand.

Top 10 Favorites

1. Thailand -  Sophida Kanchanarin. Miss Thailand's costume is called "Change the Icon of Siam," a symbol of Thai tradition and way of life. Chang means "elephant" in Thai, and she incorporated the majestic animal into her white and gold costume, which was also reminiscent of a royal Thai.

2. India - Nehal Chudasama. Miss India's costume symbolizes women empowerment. Her dramatization adds a special effect on her presentation. Her costume weighs 105 lbs.

3. Jamaica - Emily Sara-Claire Maddison. We love this unconventional costume from Miss Jamaica. She incorporated traditions and Jamaica's achievement in the Summer Olympics highlighting Usain Bolt's iconic winning pose.

4. Russia - Yulia Polyachikhina. Miss Russia's costume represents a woman of nobility. Simple and peaceful.

5. El Salvador - Marisela De Montecristo. The Flower & Palm Festival of Penchimalko inspired the costume. On the first Sunday of May every year, the small town of Panchimalco, lying close to San Salvador, celebrates its two patron saints with a spectacular festivity, known as “Fiesta de las Flores y Palmas.” Although the origin of this event came from pre-Columbian Maya culture and used to commemorate the start of the rainy season, nowadays the festival honors Catholic saints, the Virgen del Rosario and the Virgen de la Concepcion.

6. Mexico - Andrea Toscano. The Jaguar queen, representing the Jaguar of Mayan culture. The jaguar, to the Mayans, was a powerful symbol of ferocity, strength, and bravery. Since the big cats can see well at night, it symbolizes perception and foresight. As a god of the Mayan underworld, the jaguar ruled the celestial forces of night and day.

7. Sweden - Emma Strandberg. Miss Sweden's costume marks the 150th year of bilateral friendship and trade agreement of Sweden and Thailand, in the year 1868. This agreement was the starting point for diplomatic relations between the two countries. The original document is kept at Riksarkivet in Stockholm.

8. Zambia - Melba Shakabozha. Miss Zambia's costume represents the annual N’cwala Traditional Ceremony in the Eastern province of Zambia. The ceremony marks the beginning of the harvest and as thanksgiving to their God and ancestors. During the thanksgiving ceremony,  groups of dancers clad in traditional attire, armed with spears and dressed in animal skins to display their skills.

9. Laos - On-anong Homsombath. Miss Laos' costume is called the stream of generosity. Despite global modernization and technology, daily life in Lao and a great deal of Lao culture are still profoundly influenced by Buddhist thinking, attitudes, and behavior.

10. Brazil - Mayra Dias. Miss Brazil's costume honored the Amazon rainforest in her country by transforming into a blue and yellow Macaw tropical bird to represent the need for environmental protection. Her elaborate costume featured thousands of feathers and took three months to make.

Photographer: Patrick Prather
HO/The Miss Universe Organization

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Journey To The Crown: Miss Universe 2018 TOP 10 Contenders

Who will take home the crown? Find out December 16 at 7pm ET only on FOX. 
Pre-Pageant Predictions - October 8, 2018

Week 1 - Updated December 2nd
Our TOP contenders have changed. Will it be the same in Week 2? 

Some contestants from our pre-pageant favorites didn't make on our TOP 10 list because they either lost their charm or doesn't have strong advocacy.

Week 2 - Updated December 9th
Our TOP contenders have changed, some girls outshined our previous favorites. 

We based our TOP 10 Contenders on performance and social media values: their activities before the pageant, did the contestant exert an effort in promoting her advocacy? Did she do her media promotions? Or only posted cute and sexy photos on social media? 

Miss Universe is looking for a woman who would represent their brand. Having a pretty face and perfect body is just a part of it but having a leadership ability, versatility and the ability to inspire others from her dedication in achieving her goals while living each moment - is a tad more valuable.

Who are your favorites? 

Watch out for our TOP 20 after the Prelims! 

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