Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Miss Earth United States 2016 Predictions: by Natalie McGovern

Miss Earth United States is 2 weeks away and we have our eye on a few beauties who are sure to stand out in the competition. Here are our Top 5 picks for Beauties With a Cause:
Florida- Mikhaila Leinbach has the look of a Miss Earth and of a national or even international queen. Her height, classic beauty and experience will take her far in the competition. A bonafide Disney princess, the stunning redhead is sure to turn heads with her passion for environmental causes such as reducing pollution. Undeniably beautiful she is an early favorite to win.

Louisiana: A former Miss Louisiana USA competitor Devin Boyd is a regal and elegant choice for the crown. Photogenic and seasoned, Devin is poised for a top 5 placement. Her platform centers around climate action and she is a promoter of the world environmental movement Earth Hour.
New Jersey: Lisa Green has a striking appearance, model height, and would do well at Miss Earth. Gorgeous, classy and philanthropic, she would be the perfect U.S. representative. She could place very close or take it all.

California- Trisha Bantigue is on fire, and by that we mean she is passionate about all earth related causes and would be the perfect spokesperson for the brand. A Filipino beauty who is both intelligent and confident, Trisha stands out to us as one who could take a dynamic lead in full force.
South Carolina-Mae-Ann Webb is not only a  southern pageant veteran but has a photogenic beauty that lands her in our Top 5 predictions. A fierce competitor and stand out, she advocates for recycling and going green, and is one of our top contenders for the crown.
We predict one of these girls will win Miss Earth United States and hopefully several of them will title as Elemental queens of Wind, Fire, and Water. We’ll have to wait and see to find out!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

MODELING 101- Tips and Highlights by Team PageantLIVE - PS Privette and Joyce Cortez

Pageantry DOES open doors to opportunities. One of them is getting an invite to be a Model of TPF's! If you are accepting assignments without representation you must take many factors into consideration PRIOR to accepting the project. Foremost, it is for your safety and the right branding! But then again, SAFETY is the number #1 priority, especially nowadays with all the social media bombarding all opportunities that scammers could get.

We compiled TIPS AND HIGHLIGHTS on how to choose wisely in this segment we call MODELING 101:
  1. Do you know the photographer, event planner, project manager? What are their reputations?
  2. Are they making money from the event or the photo shoot? We understand many first-time models will take unpaid assignments to update their portfolios, but you need to ask upfront if this is a paid gig. If it is not, you must ask, "Are you able to have the photos for your portfolio?" Will you be reimbursed for parking or travel? When will you receive the money? E-transfer is the fastest and the most upfront method of payment right now. It is safe and all you have to give is your email address. Never give your bank account number. Needless to say, try to get the money upfront. If the event is making money, so should you.
  3. Will you be provided food and water? Yes, there are events where the models are not even given food or water while they (agents or photographers) expected you to be around from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Really, come on! How long are you expected to stay at an event? Are you able to leave after you model? Yes, you can leave if you prefer because your time is very valuable too.
  4. Are you allowed to have an escort? If they say no, don't go. Any legitimate photographer, event planner or project manager will not care if you bring somebody as long as they don't get in the way. If they say no, please DO NOT GO! Safety, safety, safety. If they say yes, does the escort have to pay for admission? Usually, it is +1 which means you can bring one person for free. Any addition, you will have to pay for it but in most cases, you can bring as many as you want (if you already have a big name in the industry). 
  5. Are you being Branded? This is very important. Do you have a signed contract with an agency, pageant, manager? When you sign the event/photographer release then you are giving them the right to do what they please with the pictures. Of course, legit photographers only want to use them for their portfolio; but you really need to ask.
  6. Please DO NOT DO NUDES!!! Seriously, this is one way to kill your career. Why would you allow some random person to have naked photos of you to do whatever they want? If you do want to do implied nude, have an escort with you at the shoot or consider boudoir shoots wearing bikini or lingerie. Sexy but not totally nude!
  7. Yes, you can be over photographed. Why pay for a model if the images have been seen by thousands of people already? People like to see fresh, new faces, so strike the balance.
  8. Practice your SMIZE. Watch Tyra Banks on YouTube on how to slay your smize perfectly.
  9. Have fun with all your shoots! Photographers dislike working with boring models. Dance, sing or be wholesome weird! 
  10. And lastly, BE NICE TO EVERYONE! No one ever likes to be treated as a dirtbag. Photographers would rather work with late models than the rude ones. BUT please minimize being late.

When you become famous, stay on your ground! You will be blessed more by the heavens if you keep yourself humble!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

And Miss World America 2016 Is.. By Natalie Christina McGovern

Audra Mari has been crowned Miss World America 2016 at the National Harbor Hotel in Washington D.C. The Filipino-American beauty queen and first runner up to Miss USA 2014 will represent the USA at the Miss World pageant in the host city of Washington D.C. this December. Pageant supporters and fans see her having a great chance at the World crown with her multicultural beauty, charisma and great reception from the Pinoy community, who have long dominated the Top 4 International pageants of Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss Universe, and Miss International.

In 2013 Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015, represented as the US delegate at Miss World after placing first runner up to Miss California USA. What used to be a national casting call where a model was selected by an agency to represent, Miss World has quickly caught on in the United States as a prestigious pageant to compete for as one of the oldest beauty pageants internationally.

Twenty seven delegates across the nation came to share their message of “Beauty With a Purpose,” and competed in Beachwear, Top Model, Sports and Fitness Challenge, Talent, Interview, Evening Gown and Beauty With a Purpose phases of competition.

Delegates were not representative of states in this year’s competition but instead were recognized as Miss World America finalists vying for the crown.

The landscape of pageantry slightly shifted as a reigning Miss USA titleholder was allowed to compete for the coveted title. As with other countries that allow their contestants to compete for Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth, the Miss World Finalist was given permission by her state director to compete although under contract with the Miss Universe Organization. Miss USA had passed and so just like with other countries’ finalists who don’t go on to win Miss Universe, the Miss World America finalist was given the opportunity to try her luck at being the next US representative.

We wish Audra good luck at Miss World and see a potential Top 5 placement in her future. Third times a charm and the pageant veteran has proven that perseverance is key to any success.


Monday, February 15, 2016

PageantLIVE's Red Carpet Award Goes to Miss United States Summer Priester

Summer Priester is a South Carolina native, born and raised in the beautiful city of Aiken. She is a senior at the University of South Carolina where she will be graduating this May with a degree in Retail and Fashion Merchandising. Miss Priester is an active member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority as well as a Dean’s List recipient.

Miss United States modeling
Vizcaya Swimwear 

Summer is an aspiring model that has been featured in several magazine publications, commercials, and has worked for designers such as Sherri Hill, Mac Duggal, and Vizcaya Swimwear. In 2013, she landed a role as a featured extra in the block buster motion picture Iron Man 3, the highest-grossing film of 2013. Her goal-driven personality and the desire to promote herself as an entrepreneur has led to her latest venture, her fragrance collection, which she markets nationwide as 365 Days of Summer.

Summer has recently become an ambassador for the BE YOU Campaign where she will be promoting individuality and embracing one’s true strengths as well as promoting her national platform, Operation 365, an outreach program focused on hunger awareness and prevention 365 days a year through donations and volunteerism. She has also partnered with the No Kid Hungry Program, Relay for Life and Harvest Hope Food Bank. She has also partnered with Relay for Life and Second Harvest Hope Food Bank. 

Aside from modeling and pageants, this entrepreneur is also an accomplished Pointe Ballerina who began dancing at the age of three. She danced for the Aiken Civic Ballet Company for over 5 years and was featured in productions of The NutcrackerFirebird, and Pear Blossom; A Korean Cinderella Story. 

Summer was crowned Miss South Carolina United States in February 2015 and the journey of a lifetime began. In July, she, along with 53 beauties from across the nation, headed to Washington DC to compete for the coveted national title of Miss United States. Honored and excited, Summer returned to her beautiful state of South Carolina as Miss United States 2015. 


The Miss United States system prides itself in providing an avenue for each young woman to give a voice to those needing to be heard, to lend a hand to those less fortunate, and to be a compass for those daring to dream. “My personal commitment,” said Priester, “is to spend each of the 365 days of my reign making a difference and inspiring others to do the same. There is no limit to the impact young women can make on society.”

As Miss United States, Summer will be the face of the organization for one year, working with the organizations national philanthropy No Kid Hungry  and multiple other charitable endeavors, as well as being the cover girl for sponsors such as Vizcaya Swimwear and Marc DeFang. In her spare time, Summer enjoys a good workout and watching ENews.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Beauties For a Cause: Exclusive Interview with Miss Earth 2015 Angelia Ong

Beauty pageants to some are only superficial, no substance and contribute nothing to society.

BUT to people who are involved defines it as empowering, courageous and helpful. Yes, helpful in raising awareness from political to environmental issues and including body image. These ladies represent themselves to the world’s eyes with dignity, elegance and embody true and caring individuals.

"To have a good relationship with yourself, you have to embrace yourself for who you are." They are aware of this, and that’s the reason why they all have the winning attitude. Aside from this, pageantry also helps in building great relationships between countries, hence, a well-prepared ambassador for their representing countries.

There are many pageant organizations worldwide with different platforms.

This week, we have Miss Earth in the spotlight. Miss Earth is a beauty pageant organization where its focus is on raising Environmental Awareness, Empowering Women Worldwide and Supporting Environmental Organizations.

PageantLive Canada and Face of the Globe Canada 2016, Joyce Cortez, was able to get an exclusive interview with Angelia Ong, the reigning Miss Earth 2015 from the Philippines who was crowned in Vienna, Austria on December 5, 2015.

She talked about her challenges in getting in the crown, her training and most importantly her platform as Miss Earth.

As the winner, Miss Ong is the spokesperson of United Nations Environment Program and other environmental organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace.

Miss Earth 2015 Full Interview

**Published at Hello Vancity Magazine in Canada by Joyce Cortez.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Miss Diamond UK International Pageant

Celebrating the Beauty and Diversity of Every Woman

Miss Diamond UK is a new international beauty pageant, the UK winners will go on to the international Grand Finals to be held in Australia. We celebrate the beauty and diversity of every woman and are committed to promoting positive body image therefore we have no height or weight limits, we also welcome married women and mothers.

Our age ranges are;
Miss Teen Diamond United Kingdom - 13-17
Miss Diamond United Kingdom -18+

Director Danni De-Bear

Danni De-Bear along with her mother are the Directors for the UK heat. Over the years Danni has won a few titles including many for charity. Having raised in the region of £6-7000 organizing her own events. The charity chosen for Miss Diamond UK is Mind. Danni herself has suffered bullying through school which led to depression and anxiety and feels that too many people suffer without getting the help needed.

This originally started in the UK as Face of Purity run by Morgan Mancini. This was a fantastic pageant that was fun and fair and had people begging Morgan to run again the following year. Morgan ran 1 more before moving to Australia and starting Miss Diamond. Danni and Tina jumped at the opportunity to run the UK heat and are working hard to make this a pageant that is fun and fair. We want people leaving having had a great time and if not being our lucky winner will want to return the following year.

If you are interested in entering please go to http://www.missdiamonduk.com/

Applications are being accepted worldwide so please apply and we can forward on relevant details for your country.


Monday, January 18, 2016

A PageantLIVE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Today's American/International Executive Director Jera Lynn Anders

I always like to start with asking tell the readers about yourself.

Executive Director Jera Lynn Anders
With a background in music, modeling and the arts, it has been my lifelong dream of mine to mentor women of all ages, through pageantry. I have been in the beauty and pageant industry for over 30 years. I started out as a professional makeup artist for 18 years and later became involved as a pageant director for different pageant systems. I later then started my own pageants, Little Miss Glitz and Natural Little Miss. I am currently the CEO and Executive Director for Today’s American Woman and Today’s International Woman Pageants, which includes Today’s American/International Kid and Today’s American/International Man. Last year, we were voted the top Ms pageant of 2015 and now, recently named by Gala Latina one of the top five pageants in the world, which fills me with great joy because my hard work is paying off.

How is your pageant system different than the others pageants?

When I was a director for other pageants, I noticed a significant “gap” between different types of pageants. For example, if you were a Ms. and your friend was a Miss there were not many pageants for the two of you
The famous pajama party!
to compete in together because you were in different divisions.  The same went for petite and for special abilities, etc.  And definitely no pageant included the men and children in our lives. Everything was separate. I knew from that moment on I wanted to establish a system that was different to kick in those barriers causing segregation between contestants. I began TAW so every teen, miss, ms., mrs., etc., can compete in the same system ~ a pageant for everyone!  Because everyone deserves to wear a crown with a purpose! We have a special division for those with visible and invisible abilities, we have a men’s pageant and a kid’s ambassadorship program. This will be our very first year awarding academic scholarships for teen and miss divisions. And, we plan to expand that in the very near future.

In your vision who is a Today’s American Woman or a Today’s International Woman?
Every woman of today. Any age, size, ethnicity and ability ~ a pageant for everyone.  We are a melting pot of all different stages of life. From student to mom, business professional to CEO.  Each posses an individual quality to equal up to what women stand for, in today’s world. And ALL are welcome in our system.  

The Sisterhood

Today's American Woman Queen of Queens
Rhonda Howdyshell
If someone is looking to compete in your system and there is no state competition what should they do?

At this time, we do not have state preliminaries. So, the process to become a contestant begins with a phone interview. You go to our website at www.todaysamericanwoman.com and view the information about us. Then, send a contact form so we can schedule a phone interview with you. Once we speak to you and we determine we are the perfect fit for both of us, you fill out our official application and send it in with your deposit and professional headshot. And, then you are an “official” Today’s American Woman/Today’s International Woman contestant! It goes UP from there!!

Tell us about your divisions and your areas of competition.

Our competition age begins at age 10 and up. Our oldest thus far, has been right at 90 years young! We have a petite division, a mainstream division and a curvy division. We also have a division for visible and invisible abilities called the elegant division.

Today's American Woman Classy Ms.
Kendra Nichols 
Today's American Woman Petite Ms.
Saryna Ritter

Beautiful National Queens
Today's American Woman Honorary National Queen
Thema Johnson 
Today's American Woman Jr. Teen
Kiersten Hoppins 

Our areas of competition are, Interview, which is a 5-minute private panel interview with our judges. Glam wear competition, which is an after 6 outfit that makes you feel “red carpet worthy”. One that is an outfit of expression. No denim or swimsuits, however. And then, of course our evening wear competition. We have an awesome opening number production that is not judged. We also have optional competitions, such as talent, spokes model and top model competition, and a few others. They are all explained on the website at www.todaysamericanwoman.com

 Are all the delegates required to have a platform?  What if I do not have a platform?

Yes. We are a platform-based pageant, focusing on community service and mentorship. If you do not have a platform, we will sit down with you and help you decide which one is best for you. We are always here to help you every step of the way.

Of course, we would like to know about your scoring!

Our scoring system is very specific on what we are looking for. Stage presence, poise and confidence. Smart and well spoken. We care about your heart, not your dress size!! So, physical fitness or physical appearance is not a factor on winning the crown. Beauty comes from within.

We are Today's American/International Women
I hear your national competition is will be something no one will want to miss!! Tell us all about it!!  Please tell us!!

This will be our very first year to include our INTERNATIONAL competition as well!! We will be having our Today’s International Woman competition!! We have 5 countries involved so far and we are so excited about this!

 Okay, a cruise to the Bahamas?? Are friends and family allowed to attend the Pageant on the Sea?

Absolutely! Friends and family may attend! The more the merrier! As a matter of a fact, they are also eligible for our special group rates through our personal cruise specialist with Carnival! Just get in touch with one of our pageant staff for the information to book!

Tell us about your newly launched model management. Is anyone eligible to be apart of your model management company?

The Model Management will be a little different. I am sure you have noticed how the modeling and pageant industries have become intertwined with one another. CW Model Management has been developed for present or past pageant females and males contender, that want to experience professional modeling or further their modeling careers. We will feature them all over the globe to be cast for jobs and possibly even movies! We are looking forward to see where this takes our future models!

A Pageant at Sea, Model Management! If that is not enough, you are also launching a magazine? Tell us about it! Will it be online or print?

Yes! We are in the process of launching "The Loop" Magazine that will feature pageantry, fashion and life events ... just plain ole everyday life experiences, and how to manage everything we go through. We will feature blogs from our readers, as well as our staff. It will be online and available for print as well.  If you interested in being a part of the magazine please contact me at todaysamerica@gmail.com 

 In closing, is there anything we have not covered you would like for our reader to know?

Today's American Woman Pageants was established five years ago, and though we have had many contestants and winners along this awesome journey, this year we crowned our very first International queen. Irma Perez, which will proudly represent the gorgeous island of Puerto Rico as our Curvy Ms. PR. She has traveled to places near and far. She has represented her culture on the hottest runways as a plus size model including being one of the first plus models to grace one of the runways of New York Fashion Week under PSDSM Mgmt., and now will flow through the runway of our TAW Pageant to make her country and the world proud.

Today's International Woman Curvy Ms. Puerto Rico

I also want to invite each one of you reading this article to visit our website. Send an email via the contact form and let’s get your phone interview on the schedule. This is THE pageant to do and you will have the experience of your life on the cruise and in the Bahamas. God bless you all!!

PL Note:  Today's America/International Woman was ranked in 2014 as the Ms. Pageant to do.  In 2015,  they were ranked as the fastest growing pageant in the World.

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