Sunday, July 17, 2016

MODELING 101- Tips and Highlights by Team PageantLIVE - PS Privette and Joyce Cortez

Pageantry DOES open doors to opportunities. One of them is getting an invite to be a Model of TPF's! If you are accepting assignments without representation you must take many factors into consideration PRIOR to accepting the project. Foremost, it is for your safety and the right branding! But then again, SAFETY is the number #1 priority, especially nowadays with all the social media bombarding all opportunities that scammers could get.

We compiled TIPS AND HIGHLIGHTS on how to choose wisely in this segment we call MODELING 101:
  1. Do you know the photographer, event planner, project manager? What are their reputations?
  2. Are they making money from the event or the photo shoot? We understand many first-time models will take unpaid assignments to update their portfolios, but you need to ask upfront if this is a paid gig. If it is not, you must ask, "Are you able to have the photos for your portfolio?" Will you be reimbursed for parking or travel? When will you receive the money? E-transfer is the fastest and the most upfront method of payment right now. It is safe and all you have to give is your email address. Never give your bank account number. Needless to say, try to get the money upfront. If the event is making money, so should you.
  3. Will you be provided food and water? Yes, there are events where the models are not even given food or water while they (agents or photographers) expected you to be around from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am. Really, come on! How long are you expected to stay at an event? Are you able to leave after you model? Yes, you can leave if you prefer because your time is very valuable too.
  4. Are you allowed to have an escort? If they say no, don't go. Any legitimate photographer, event planner or project manager will not care if you bring somebody as long as they don't get in the way. If they say no, please DO NOT GO! Safety, safety, safety. If they say yes, does the escort have to pay for admission? Usually, it is +1 which means you can bring one person for free. Any addition, you will have to pay for it but in most cases, you can bring as many as you want (if you already have a big name in the industry). 
  5. Are you being Branded? This is very important. Do you have a signed contract with an agency, pageant, manager? When you sign the event/photographer release then you are giving them the right to do what they please with the pictures. Of course, legit photographers only want to use them for their portfolio; but you really need to ask.
  6. Please DO NOT DO NUDES!!! Seriously, this is one way to kill your career. Why would you allow some random person to have naked photos of you to do whatever they want? If you do want to do implied nude, have an escort with you at the shoot or consider boudoir shoots wearing bikini or lingerie. Sexy but not totally nude!
  7. Yes, you can be over photographed. Why pay for a model if the images have been seen by thousands of people already? People like to see fresh, new faces, so strike the balance.
  8. Practice your SMIZE. Watch Tyra Banks on YouTube on how to slay your smize perfectly.
  9. Have fun with all your shoots! Photographers dislike working with boring models. Dance, sing or be wholesome weird! 
  10. And lastly, BE NICE TO EVERYONE! No one ever likes to be treated as a dirtbag. Photographers would rather work with late models than the rude ones. BUT please minimize being late.

When you become famous, stay on your ground! You will be blessed more by the heavens if you keep yourself humble!


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