Friday, March 28, 2014

Curves Making History at LA Style Fashion Week by Spruce Dickerson

What?!  Opportunity to make full figured fashion history?!  Why YES, I’d love to! 
Finally in the winter of 2014, Designer Dede Allure and her curvy models converged on Los Angeles to make full figured fashion history; being the first plus size designer to showcase at LA Style Fashion Week!  And, well received we were.  International media loved the curvy girls; from Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Greece, Dubai, Tunisia, Mexico, and Asia!  The comments from people who saw our show, and even those who didn’t see the show, have been so encouraging and supportive.  Everyone felt the energy the curvy models were exuding as we were striding down the runway.  Bloggers and various media were interviewing designer Dede Allure on the red carpet, and other models left and right.  And after our show, I and three sister models had the privilege of being interviewed live on LAPrivy, an LA fashion magazine.  It’s like the world was saying “about time”. 

And, time it is.  Slowly, but surely, full figured women in fashion are being recognized as the beautiful, worthy persons they are.  Why can’t a woman be beautiful and sexy if she’s a size 18, 26, 32, and beyond?  I do say we need to love <who> we are < where> we are while working on being healthy, though.  It doesn’t matter what size a woman is, she still needs to be healthy.  But, fashion isn’t exclusive.  Fashion is inclusive and is for everyone.  No one group should have the market on fashion.  And, it’s time the fashion world recognizes the average size of a woman is 14, and that over 60% of our population is full figured.   ALL women are beautiful. 

My mission is to bring awareness of the beauty of full figured women and fashion to the world, as well as, to the fashion scene of my community in Austin, TX.  I made history in 2013 by being the first full figured model to walk the runway at Austin Fashion Week Awards Night. That was pretty exciting.  So, I’m returning this year for a repeat!  In fact, I was just asked by Project Runway All Stars designer, Daniel Esquivel, to be his model for showcasing his full figured designs on the runway this year!  Plus, I’ll be modeling for another wonderful designer, Rick Gonyo, who also appreciates the beauty of curvy women. 

Spruce Dickerson, I have arrived and I am here to stay
All this to say, the beauty of a woman is in the confidence of her walk, the kindness of her ways, the sweetness of her words, and the light in her heart; not in her size.  The world recognizes when a woman loves herself; and in that moment, they aren’t looking at her size, but how she makes them feel and how she gives them hope.

LA Style Fashion Week experienced a great moment in history when confident, curvaceous women captivated a standing-room only audience with their exuberance of loving who they are.  We laid it down on that LA runway, imprinted in history, and the world loved it! 


Spruce Dickerson
Model, Speaker, Pageant Coach, Philanthropist

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