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Johnathan Kayne - A Success In the Making

A Success In the Making
Not only is JOHNATHAN KAYNE a fashion force on the show Project Runway, but he is a designer to the stars, pageant girls alike, and the Nashville country music scene. Since moving his business back to hometown of Nashville, the true southern gentleman, Johnathan Kayne has kept busy debuting a new collection, a pageant partnership and dressing Country stars for the CMAs.
He is currently collaborating with Project Runway Season 9 and Project Runway All Stars Joshua McKinley and embarking on a journey to China for a factory visit for his new collection. Project Runway catapulted his career to new heights by having exposure on the fashion-forward show. With a huge pageant following, Johnathan Kayne also has garnered Red Carpet and country music star clients.  
Johnathan has teamed up with a new pageant system and is giving away a great prize package to titleholders of the Miss Unite in which he will partner as a sponsor.  The pageant focuses on uniting as well as anti-bullying. The lower entry fee with shoes and the opening number dress included.  A great message to live by, this pageant is growing rapidly and has an open casting call so check it out!
Hot on the Stage
What’s hot in pageantry this season? Johnathan mentioned silk and velvet fabrics, capped sleeves, low backs, fitted to the knee mermaid styles that have a more romantic inspiration along with lace and jeweled necklines. Although Red Carpet and Pageant Gowns are not always synonymous, some designs have crossover elements and are more prevalent. 33% is “Red Carpet,” glam, 33% is pageant, and 33% is a crossover gown, with the typical accent of AB crystals, a mesh between Red Carpet and pageant styles.
Red Carpet looks take fashion risks but are still gorgeous gowns. According to Johnathan Kayne, pageantry is leaning toward a Red Carpet feel and even the “Great Gatsby” has been a huge inspiration. In his 7th year since debuting his shoe line, Johnathan Kayne is launching a fall collection in addition to his spring line. His brand is expanding and he is launching a little-girl’s version of the “Austria “shoe for ages 4-11. Color will also be added into the collection for every day wear as opposed to just formals.
Where does Johnathan Kayne get his inspiration from and when did he decide to be a designer?
Johnathan Kayne gets inspiration from all over the world and what appeals to his customers as well as fabrics and how they lay. Inspiration can come from anywhere, even the construction and structure of a garment which makes the quality and innovation show through. The women Johnathan Kayne dress are his biggest inspiration.
Who is Johnathan Kayne’s favorite Celebrity to Dress and Why?
The most favorite celebrity Johnathan Kayne has dressed to date is Jennifer Lopez.  She is a stunning and sweet woman in person. Johnathan Kayne had the opportunity to team up with JLO to offer a styling session and gown complete with a Dream Quinceanera.

What Do You Think When You See Your Gowns On Other Women?
Every time Johnathan Kayne sees a woman in one of his gowns he has a “pinch me” moment and is honored and flattered that his creation was beautiful enough to select and wear.
The Johnathan Kayne collection is currently offered in sizes 0-16, however sizes can be customized and adapted to fit bigger or smaller sizes. You can also purchase a custom made gown from Johnathan Kayne by going to one of his retailers or trunk shows.  Connect personally with Johnathan Kayne to create a wonderful design and find the perfect fit.
Director of the Miss United States Chris Wilmer joined the show and made a guest appearance by phone revealing that PageantLive’s own host Stephanie McGrane will emcee and owner of the Pageant Planet Steven Roddy will be her co-host at the Miss United States Pageant!

Johnathan Kayne Special Promotion: “Feeling Beautiful in Johnathan Kayne”
Viewers that watch the show can enter the promotion “Feeling Beautiful in Johnathan Kayne.” Submit a photo or story about your moment feeling beautiful in Johnathan Kayne. Tweet it or Facebook it, and don’t forget to hashtag PageantLive! Winners will be able to select any style they want from Johnathan Kayne’s collection!
Follow Johnathan Kayne’s journey and connect with him via Twitter or visit his website at

Exclusive Interview with Johnathan Kayne


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