Tuesday, November 21, 2017

TOP 10 Miss Universe 2017 National Costume

Miss Universe contestants debut their National Costume which took off on November 18th at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The National Costume Show is an international tradition where the contestants displayed an authentic costume of choice that best represents her country. 

TOP 10 Favorites

1. Canada - Lauren Howe. Miss Canada's national costume in the past was either the mounties or the maple leaf emblem. This time Canada chose to wear true north spirit. 

2. Iceland - Arna Yr Jónsdóttir. Miss Iceland represented a Viking Warrior Woman, the costume includes the homage to several Icelandic animals - a ram's head, the raven's feathers and fish scales.

3. Philippines - Rachel Peters. Miss Philippines wore a chicken headpiece, sarimanok in Tagalog, and it is a symbol of good fortune for the Maranao people in her country.

4. Costa Rica - Elena Correa. Miss Costa Rica represents the golden museum in San Jose. Her costume consists of golden peacock feathers and golden crystals.

5. Dominican Republic - Carmen Muñoz. Miss Dominican Republic represents the monarch butterflies in her hometown.

6. Ecuador - Daniela Cepeda. Miss Ecuador represents the continental regions that make up her nation. Her costume weighed 22 pounds!

7. Ireland - Cailín Áine Ní Toibín. Miss Ireland represents a modern superhero. Will the Hollywood costume designers go to pick this up? Will see...

8. Japan - Momoko Abe. Miss Japan's costume was transformed from ninja ensemble into Japanese traditional kimono. 

9. Mexico - Denisse Franco. Miss Mexico wears a costume that represents "feminism" because she wanted to promote more of "women's rights" in her country.

10. Peru - Prissila Howard. Miss Peru's costume was inspired by a warrior sun.

By: Joyce Cortez

Disclaimer: some wordings are from Miss Universe organization and photos credited to Patrick Prather.


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  1. El de Guatemala es uno de los hermosos y representa a una cultura milenaria y de identidad del ser latino


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