Red Carpet Awards

Red Carpet Highlight is a special feature of Ask the Crown. 
If you got an Email or DM from us, consider it as an award. 
Don't let your lucky charm pass you by!  


Ardelle Dickerson, Miss Teen DC United Sates 2018

Summer Raquel Keffeler, Miss Washington Teen USA 2018

Mandy Peterson - Miss Minnesota United States 2018

Allison Kratz - Miss Maryland United States 2018

Ashley Vollrath - Miss Virginia USA 2018

Teuila Lafi - World's PreTeen Miss Tourism 2018

Dani Walker - Miss Montana USA 2018

Haley Jordan Dorsett - Mrs. Knox County Indiana 2018

Natalie Stejskalova - Miss Supertalent of the World 2016

Shivali Patel - America's Miss World North Carolina 2017

Kaelyn Crede - America's Miss World Nevada 2017

Joann Emale - America's Miss World Texas 2017

MacKenzie Divina - Miss Teen South Caroline United States 2016 

Lindley Myer -Miss South Carolina United States 2016

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