Red Carpet Awards

Red Carpet Highlight is a special feature of Ask the Crown

Saryna Ritter, International Ms Illinois 2018

Ardelle Dickerson, Miss Teen DC United Sates 2018

Summer Raquel Keffeler, Miss Washington Teen USA 2018

Mandy Peterson - Miss Minnesota United States 2018

Allison Kratz - Miss Maryland United States 2018

Ashley Vollrath - Miss Virginia USA 2018

Teuila Lafi - World's PreTeen Miss Tourism 2018

Dani Walker - Miss Montana USA 2018

Haley Jordan Dorsett - Mrs. Knox County Indiana 2018

Natalie Stejskalova - Miss Supertalent of the World 2016

Shivali Patel - America's Miss World North Carolina 2017

Kaelyn Crede - America's Miss World Nevada 2017

Joann Emale - America's Miss World Texas 2017

MacKenzie Divina - Miss Teen South Caroline United States 2016 

Lindley Myer -Miss South Carolina United States 2016

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