Friday, June 14, 2013

Need a Sponsor?

Do you need help finding sponsors? Here are a few tips on how YOU can be successful finding sponsors.

1.       We all know that our family and friends always want to help! Make a list and then ask your family and friends if they will be able to do a $20.00 sponsorship to help you. Let’s say you have a list of 30, it is safe to say that half of them will be able to help. You have now raised $300.00 by just asking the people you know.

2.       Local businesses, think small medium and big. Some ideas would be; Banks, accountants, doctors, dentist, attorneys, insurance agents and don’t forget about places you may not want to visit like a funeral home!

3.       If your pageant is a community based pageant think of the organizations out in the community that do a lot of services in your area. IE: Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Woman’s Century Club, Kiwanis Club, Optimist, American Legions ETC…

Now that you have a list of who you are going to ask, GET OUT THERE AND ASK!!!
You can send letters or make phone calls, but the best way to get sponsors is to go out and ask in person. Be sure to dress the part of a queen. You may even want to call ahead of time to make an appointment. Make sure you take a letter with you that outlines what it is exactly you are asking for. You can have a letter drafted up that talks a bit about you, your platform or community service, the pageant system you are competing in and how much you are asking for. If you do not want to have a set amount you can always offer a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE level of sponsorships. That way the company can decide on the amount they would like to donate to you.

Be sure you let them know what they will be getting in return for their sponsorship. If you have a GOLD sponsorship set at $500.00, be sure they will get $500.00 worth from you. It could be an ad page or a half a page, the company logo on a web site or blog, tickets to the pageant, or even appearances made by you at the place of business. Be sure you have these items listed on the sponsor letter to them.

Remember when going to places of business you think of it as a job interview. Be sure to dress professional, ask for the person in charge (if you have not made an appointment), be sure to talk to them with confidence. Look them in the eyes and be sure to smile.  

So what is the worst that can happen? They can say NO! If they do say no, at least you had the opportunity to share a bit about yourself, your platform and the pageant with them. You just gained valuable interview practice!

What is next after you receive the sponsorship? Be sure to follow through on all you have promised the business. Also be sure to send them a thank you card. A thank you card is a MUST, make it personal. Be sure to thank the person you spoke with and the company by name. Leave contact info in case they need to reach you for an appearance.
Now was that so hard to do? I hope this has helped, now get out there and find sponsors!

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