Saturday, January 11, 2014

Brooklynne Bond Miss Oklahoma Teen USA

By Wendy Lindberg, America's SUPER Queen 2013-14

Struggles with Body Image

As I was listening to this interview with Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, Brooklynne Bond, I thought of a recent video I had watched. The timing seemed perfect.

See the Buzzfeed video here

 The video's statistics are scary:

81% of ten-year-olds are afraid of being fat. 69% of American School girls who read magazines say the images influence their concept of the ideal body shape. 49% of them say the pictures make them want to lose weight. 1/3 of non-overweight girls report dieting.

And many of us struggle with body image, feelings of being less than someone else, and comparing ourselves to others.

"I want to go and speak at schools. I think that girls really get caught up in the look aspect of everything. I just want to encourage them to be who they were created to be." Brooklynne said, "Whenever I was growing up, I always struggled with comparing myself to other girls. I always wanted to look like them and be like them. As I kind of grew into myself, I just learned that it was really important to stay true to who you are, no matter what the situation is. Ultimately that is what makes me feel beautiful. I just want to show girls that that is how I feel myself. I want to speak about that, especially at schools."

Preparations for Miss Teen USA

"I am only going to have one chance to compete at Miss Teen USA and that is something that I have dreamed about my entire life. Not only being a state titleholder, but making it to the next level and making a bigger difference. Just having the opportunity is such an honor to me. To get ready I just want to continue to keep working on my interview skills because it is important to keep learning more about yourself everyday. I love walking and modeling so I will continue to work on that, and just have the right mindset whenever I am going into the pageant" Brooklynne said. "I want to show the judges who I am and what I stand for. ... Just really prepare myself mentally for that week that I compete."

Brooklynne's Role Model

Who does Brooklynne really look up to? "I really look up to Alyssa Campanella. She just happens to be Miss USA 2011. I think she has just such poise and confidence. She just radiates whenever she is on stage or just standing in a room. And so I just really look up to her for the confidence she has and just how she leads people. I think she was a great Miss USA."

Two Brooklynnes???

In a strange twist of events, the Miss Teen and Miss Oklahoma USA winners this year happened to have the first same name! "Never in my life met someone with the same name with the exact same spelling. It's just hysterical. The first morning after we won, we had a photo shoot and our directors were trying to call us in for who is shooting and who is not and so it would (get really confusing)." Brooklynne shared, "I love her so much so I am excited for my year with her."

To hear more about Brooklynne's Tips for pageant day, her advice to contestants, and how to follow her, you can see the video below.  

If you would also like to know, THIS is where you can find Moleskin. :) 

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