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More than just "Flirty" Vizcaya Swimwear - Lisa Opie and Franz Orban by Linda Suter

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Miss United States 2015
We all love pageants: the beauty, the production, the atmosphere. While most of us concentrate on the Beauty and Atmosphere, it's the production, apparel and delivery that make the experience. At the recent Miss United States Pageant in Washington, DC, I had the pleasure to speak with Lisa Opie, the co-creator and designer of luxury swimwear brand Vizcaya Swimwear, the official Swimwear Sponsor to the Miss United States Organization. 

Being a model and former top-5 Miss United States Finalist, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to her designs. Lisa draws inspiration for her designs from her history in modeling and pageants, and it is evident that she incorporates design ideas from diverse cultures in more than 30 countries she has visited. It is these  travels that has also allowed her to use fabrics from all over the world, with the current line of swimwear created with fabrics from Colombia.

Vizcaya Swimwear's Kristina bikini
Rather than use an exotic, secluded beach for a photoshoot highlight her swimwear, Lisa would rather distinguish each piece by the model chosen for the shoot. These models are chosen, not only for their relatable looks, but also for their positive backstories and worthy platforms that Lisa and Vizcaya can support. Also, instead accessorizing her suits with big, flashy jewelry, Vizcaya has partnered with Shine Tattoos, makers of temporary metallic tattoos. These tattoos are waterproof, look fantastic and give the wearer the freedom of not having to worry about jewelry while at the pool or beach.

Of course, we all want that bikini, beach body, and Lisa has some very simple, easy to follow rules that help her stay in shape. Her Motto is, "The abs are made in the kitchen!" Instead of three large meals, Lisa eats six smaller meals throughout the day, consisting mostly of proteins (Chicken, meat and tofu) while cutting out the satisfaction foods like pizza!

Franz Orban and Lisa Opie, Owners of Vizcaya Swimwear
Official Sponsors of the Miss United States Organization
Franz Orban, who started Vizcaya Swimwear with Lisa in 2013, tells us that their association with the Miss United States Organization arose from the Organization and the models' desire to break from the traditional pageant swimwear, in favor of something a bit more "flirty". He is proud to be associated with the pageant as it allows a common design to be worn and expressed differently by so many models.

For the new 2016 line, he looks forward to maintaining that flirty look while incorporating more flora and fauna patterns. Please come view their new line at DC Swim Week July 24-25th. 

Lisa and Franz while in Washington, DC

My thanks to Pamela Privette from PageantLive for her assistance during the interviews with both Lisa and Franz. Also, many thanks to AJ of AJ Photoz for the spectacular pictures.

Lisa Opie and Paige Clark,  Founder of PageantLIVE


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