Thursday, July 5, 2018

PageantLIVE Red Carpet Highlight: Lenisa Ann Careaga, Elite Miss Texas Earth United States 2018

Lenisa Ann Careaga, Elite Miss Texas Earth United States 2018

One fun fact about you:

One fun fact about me is that I know American Sign Language. It's fun to sign because it's like a secret language and it always makes me talk with my hands.

Tell us about your platform.

Platform: "Change the Ocean with 4Ocean"

My platform is 4Ocean, a business where employees from all over the world travel from coastline to coastline and some scuba dive to pick up trash; they then create the recycled material into bracelets.

By purchasing the 4Ocean bracelets, you will remove one pound of trash from ocean and coastlines. The beads on the bracelet are all 100 per cent recycled glass material. And the cord is 100 per cent polyester recycled materials, as well. They have events from around the world that you can find on Facebook to help clean up and join the 4Ocean movement. They also have limited edition bracelets for their monthly causes dedicated to ocean life where they help researchers find ways to save marine life such as sea turtles.

I've been working with them as an influencer, photographer and a blogger to help spread awareness.

What are you looking forward to at Elite Miss Earth United States?

I love meeting people that are on the same mission as me in saving the Earth.

What is something you can’t live without and why? 

One thing I can't live without is my pretty pink glass water bottle because I can just refill it and not use plastic bottles.

Social Media

Facebook: Elite Miss Texas Earth 
Instagram: @EliteMissTexasEarth18 
Twitter: @LenisaLove 

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