Sunday, September 9, 2018

Collective Thoughts On Miss America - What Could Be the Most Underwhelming or Anticipated Event

We’ve observed over the past couple of weeks a potential cluster that is about to unfold, i.e., Miss America 2.0, and we are going to be as frank as possible with no PC jargon shading our perspective. Some things seem progressive, some antiquated, and some things just leave us scratching our heads. 

Before we get started on our expert critique, we want to give this disclaimer: If an organization is going to truly empower women and take back that power, then some hypocrisy needs to be addressed first. For instance, the current leadership that pretends to support women when truly they are blatantly silencing their voice. Chairperson Gretchen Carlson and CEO Regina Hopper, who has notoriously been dubbed the "Ice Queens," have employed bullying and gaslighting tactics that would make every HR personnel cringe. 

Gretchen has been proven a bully and there's no mistaking that. She can deny all she wants, but we see through the facade. There are signs plastered all over Atlantic City protesting her ill leadership because, you know, you'll always be able to spot a fake mean girl getting called out.

Cara showed us what she's made of, and it's truly admirable. She’s spoken the truth on national television without permission but did so with the girl’s interests at heart. And she wore a pink gown on stage during prelims which is probably the best way to "stick it to the man." #standwithcara

Other things to note: Several former Miss Americas' who did not speak out against Gretchen or sign the petition are helping her host. So do they support bullying or just crave the spotlight? Stand on the right side of history because America is watching.

No Miss? Sashes now simply say the name of the State they hail from. How is this then still technically “Miss America?” Looks like they missed the mark.

Some candidates supposedly are trying too hard and are fully embracing the PC changes and supporting Gretchen Carlson and her minions, ad nauseum. Dial it back a little, girls. We all know you want the crown, no matter the cost.

No Runway. If you are still modeling and presenting in an evening gown, why not just strut it? No one is calling NYFW and chastising them for their runway during fashion shows.

Of course, there is no swimsuit, which we totally lament. We predict lovers of the bikini (pretty much the majority) will start to leave in flocks. We hear formers calling Miss USA's name.

Rumors heard through the pageant and grapevine are that locals and state pageants might be entirely dissolved to pave way for future regional competitions. Okay, this is not American Idol. State and local pageants benefit the community as a whole and further promote the organization. Hmm... That would explain the doing away with “Miss” on the State title.

If talent now counts for 50% of the score then doesn't that alienate more women than the swimsuit competition ever did? Again, this is not American Idol. Isn’t the goal to be inclusive of all women?

Let’s be real, folks. Half of the glitz and glamour might be gone, but this is still a pageant.

By: Natalie McGovern

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