Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Making Her Grand Debut is Paola Cossyleon, Miss Grand United States 2018

Today, Paola Cossyleon, Miss Grand United States 2018, embarked her journey for Miss Grand International 2018 in Myanmar. The competition starts on the 5th of October and the grand finals on October 25th, enough time for the girls to form the pageant sisterhood bond. Before Paola's departure, we caught up with her about Miss Grand, personal thoughts, and what she anticipates into the competition.

Miss Grand International 2018 in Myanmar

As Paola prepares for the international competition, she told us that she looks forward to so much and is excited about the unique opportunity of bonding with extraordinary strong ladies from all over the world. She further shared, “I can't wait to find out who my roommate is going to be! And of course, I have to mention that I am already dreaming of the fascinating places the Miss Grand International Organization is taking us to."

"Myanmar is a beautiful and exciting country with incredible scenery. I'm looking forward to all the events and activities like the days that will be visiting temples and sightseeing around town," she added.

Her thoughts on "What Makes a Woman Unique?"

Paola believes that women have the uncanny ability to devote themselves entirely to something or someone they love. She affirms, "Though we are great at multi-tasking as well. When we have a goal, we devote ourselves entirely and don't stop until we achieve or surpass it. We don't give up easily."

She is devoted to the crown

If she were to win the Miss Grand International 2018 title? Paola beamingly said, "Wow! Well, I've always felt my civic duty very strongly. As Miss Grand International, I would utilize the platform given to me to the fullest. My year would be full of events bringing awareness to the world of the "Stop the War and Violence Campaign" and mentoring the youth and how to be peaceful, humble, and compassionate human beings."

Best wishes and good luck in Myanmar, Paola!

By: Natalie Mc Govern

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