Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Interview with Miss Alabama Teen USA

Lorin Holcombe

-- Wendy Lindberg, America's SUPER Queen 

Stephanie McGrane met with Lorin Holcombe this past week to discuss her year as Miss Alabama Teen USA.


When asked what she thought the secret was to capturing the crown, Lorin told her that she thought it was "pure determination".

"I had no pageant experience. I just wanted it so much that I was willing to work hard and give up a lot of time to get into shape. I actually lost 20 pounds." Lorin shared, "So, I think determination is the secret. And a lot of prayers and a lot of focus."

A Whirl-wind 

Lorin went on to talk a bit about her title. As she prepares to give up her crown on November 16th, she is reflecting on some of the things that have happened over the past year.  "It was a whirl-wind. At first there was so much to learn," she noted. "I didn't know how to do photo shoots, and social media... learning how to handle all of that was difficult, but once I got the hang of it, it turned out to be one of the most amazing years of my life."

Lorin also highlighted some of her favorite parts of her reign. "There has been so many great things (about my year). Probably the best thing is that my platform was about self-esteem. So I got to go to speak to girls in a lot of low income areas. ... The impact you get to make on those little ones and getting to experience being a role model is certainly a highlight of (my year)." She continued, "I think when you are crowned you are put into a certain position of power. You have the ability to influence others. I think that it is every titleholders' responsibility to use that in a positive way."

At Miss Teen USA

"It is so much fun. Meeting all the girls is great." Lorin shared her experience on the national stage, "It really brought me to tears almost every night just because it was such an amazing, humbling experience." 

The pageant week was filled, and Lorin said to expect a lack of sleep if you are fortunate enough to be a part of the national experience. "You can definitely expect not to get much sleep... It is morning to night and you are constantly going."

The Next Miss Alabama Teen USA and Beyond

Lorin will be giving the crown to the next Miss Alabama Teen USA this coming weekend. When Stephanie asked her for her advice to those thinking about competing, Lorin said, "You should go for it.... You walk away with confidence, you walk away with great friends. You should do it, no matter what." 

"(Practicing your public speaking and confidence) are very important and the interview skills as well. In a competitive job market ... you have to be able to communicate well with others."

Lorin is starting her path to her future as a dentist or orthodontist. She is beginning her major as a bio-medical student. "I hope to go to UAB for dental school and maybe start my own practice."

"I've (also) been dabbling in some petite modeling recently and I had never been really open to that world before until pageantry. I have been enjoying it." She added, "I am also in a sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, so I would like to become one of the officers in that sorority as well." 

Beauty and Brains

Lorin was asked to share a little bit about what she would like to share with others who think that pageants are just beauty without the brains.  "Of the many girls that I have met, you have talented musicians, you have girls who are interested in the sciences and mathematics like I am. Many that graduated high school two and three years early out of merit." Lorin added, "I graduated high school with a 4.2, and I am making straight A's in my first year of college in a very hard major. So I think if you really paid attention, you'd realize that pageants draw the most determined and driven girls, and typically determined and driven girls do very well in academics."

Whatever her next moves may be, I am sure they will be amazing ones. 

You can see the interview in the video below. 


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