Thursday, March 15, 2018

PageantLIVE Red Carpet Highlight: Ashley Vollrath, Miss Virginia USA 2018

Ashley Vollrath, Miss Virginia USA 2018

Claim to Fame:

I would say my ‘claim to fame’ would be my Instagram handle @AshweeAmanda. Many people know me from social media so they will refer to me as @AshweeAmanda when I see them out and about.

Fun fact about you:

My nickname growing up was “Girashley” because I was so tall and lanky.

If you have one wish to be granted in 2018, what is it and why?

I would wish that no child in this world would endure a life full of suffering. From hunger, neglect, abuse, illness or disability, I would wish that a solution was established to eliminate it.

Tell us about your platform or yourself, choose one or both.

My platform involves being a cheerleader, and my job is to encourage and motivate teenagers, and young adults, to never give up, and to “Spread Your Wings and (F)orever, (L)ove, (Y)ourself.”

I hope by telling my own personal story of the struggles I faced growing up, and how I was able to overcome them, I am able to motivate young people that may be facing the same type of struggles, to never give up and dream big. As a product of teenage pregnancy, my mom and I were forced to grow up together. I lived in 3 different States before I had turned 4 years old due to my mom’s military responsibilities and experienced divorce first hand.  My struggle with academics began in kindergarten. It’s hard to understand how one might fail finger painting, and basic addition, but I was not up to par with all of my peers.  I failed kindergarten and experienced defeat at just five years old. I was diagnosed with a mild learning disability and graduated in the bottom 25% of my high school class.

Shortly after high school, I started believing in myself, and everything changed. I am now a senior at Virginia Tech and after interviewing with all the top media outlets in the country, this past summer, I chose to intern for Comcast Sports Net, in Boston, reporting at the regional level because of my love for the Boston Red Sox. I love my story and I want to share it while encouraging others to “Spread Your Wings and F-L-Y.” 

As Miss Virginia USA, I have been able to tell my story and pave a path for so many young adults guiding them to their own success story.

What is your passion or interest outside pageantry?

Sports. I am a firm believer that sports make the world go round. I attribute sports for building me into the person I am today. Three adjectives that I use to describe myself; determined, hardworking and leader, are in my opinion, because of athletics. Additionally, my commitment to spectator sports formulated amazing friendships and taught me what good sportsmanship consisted of.

Where can we follow you on social media?

Personal accounts: 
Instagram: @ashweeamanda
Twitter: @AshweeAmanda
Snapchat: @Ashweeamanda

Miss Virginia accounts:
Facebook: @MissVirginiaUSA
Instagram: @missvausa
Twitter: @RealMissVAUSA 
Snapchat: @missvausa


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