Thursday, March 22, 2018

PageantLIVE Red Carpet Highlight: Allison Kratz, Miss Maryland United States 2018

Allison Kratz, Miss Maryland United States 2018

Claim to Fame:

My claim to fame is probably my decision to go to law school. I completely switched from pre-med to pre-law my senior year of college. My friends and family called me Elle Woods because I "woke up one day and decided to go to law school."

Fun Fact About You:

I'm a third generation pageant girl! Both my mother and grandmother competed in pageants when they were younger so for me, competing is a special bond with my family.

If you have one wish to be granted in 2018, what is it and why?

I wish that the book I'm working on would be finished and published this year. The book talks about my journey with healing after sexual assault and the importance of redefining your story in terms of what you've accomplished and overcome rather than the negative things you've experienced. 

Tell us about your platform or yourself, choose one or both.

My platform is "From Pain to Power" and focuses on prevention of and healing after sexual assault. Not only do I share my story of healing and advocacy after the assault, I educate students on healthy relationships, consent and bystander intervention. My hope is to decrease the occurrence of sexual assault and help survivors reclaim their personal power.

I am a second-year law student in Washington, DC and I currently sit on the executive board of the Women's Law Association. Outside of classes, I like to spend my time reading, crocheting, serving my community and spending time with my family. 

What is your passion or interest outside pageantry?

Empowering women in my community. It's always been incredibly important to me to build other women up. I, like so many other women, have experienced "mean girl behavior," bullying, unrealistic expectations and pressures to look and act a certain way. In a time where media and celebrities put so much pressure on us, it's incredibly important to encourage and uplift one another. 

Where can we follow you on social media?

Personal accounts:
Instagram: @allisonkratz 

Miss Maryland United States accounts:
Instagram: @missmdus 


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