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Woman Empowered: Sierra Scott, Successful Media Personality and Today's International Woman Queen of Queens 2018

You’re never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.

Sierra Scott, Today’s International Woman Queen of Queens 2018 and Positively Kansas TV Host prides and holds back to back national pageant titles garnering an overall highest scoring title in Today’s International Woman pageant, she is age 54! Sierra was 53 years old when she won her first national title, Ms. United States, proving you are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream. 

Up Close and Personal

Her Miracle Foot 

"I was in a very serious motorcycle accident when I was in the 8th grade and doctors were just hours away from amputating my foot when my mother started a prayer chain that healed my foot before the surgery took place. It taught me the power of prayer at a very early age."

She is a Multi-Talented Media Personality

During her 30 years as a TV news anchor, Sierra worked in five different cities across the United States including Tampa, Florida, and Waco in Texas. She now hosts two TV shows; Positively Kansas on KPTS and Your View On COX Cablevision, both shows focus on the positive sides of the world.

Thanks to her great hosting skills because she was featured on a segment of Vicki Lawrence’s national talk show called Vicki! Sierra has also emceed, hosted and given speeches to over 200 charity organizations over the past 20 years that have raised more than 30 million dollars in the Wichita community.

As a journalist, Sierra filmed a documentary on the war in Darfur, Sudan that premiered in the United Nations and was screened at the Toronto Film Festival. In this documentary, she shares, "It gave me a completely different view on the war than any other media outlet that was reporting at the time." She added, "I was given a hero’s welcome when I returned to Sudan two years later for "telling the truth" about what was really happening there."

Sierra is not only about journalism but also has an exceptional talent in acting! She got her an extra role in the movies, The Stars Fell on Henrietta and Spellbound. She was also featured twice on Dick Clark’s TV Bloopers, Blunders and Practical Jokes. 

In 2012, she was on the cover of Shoeholics, an international magazine which focuses on her favorite addiction - SHOES! - of which she owns more than 1,000 pairs, for their 2012 Holiday Edition.

And in 2014, she had appeared in TNT’s hit TV show Major Crime where she got to attend The Emmy's.

Sierra also loves fashion, "Even though I’m over 50 years old, I have walked the runway in New York Fashion Week for two years in a row."

Her Role as Today's International Woman Queen of Queens

When did you get involved in pageantry and why?

I was 21 when I entered my first pageant back in 1985. I was a Junior at K-State at the time and entered for 3 reasons: first, for the scholarship money to help me pay for my last 2 years in school; second, I was getting a degree in Broadcast Journalism and was looking for something that would help me hone the skills I needed to be successful in my career and would help me stand out from the other journalists. Pageants definitely help you improve your communication skills and gives you a practice in performing before large crowds; and, third, people listen to what you have to say when you have a "shiny thing" on your head, so I knew that it would open doors and allow me to help others in ways I wouldn’t be able to any other way. When I go to a Children’s hospital or women’s shelter and say "I’m Sierra Scott and I’d like to visit the children," they probably won’t let me in. But if I say I’m "TIW’s reigning Queen of Queen’s," they welcome me with open arms. It allows me to make a bigger contribution to the world.      

Tell us more about Today's International Woman (TIW)?

TIW is such a unique and inspirational pageant! It’s a faith-based pageant that not only encourages community service - it REQUIRES it. It’s also all-inclusive. It allows women of all colors, shapes, sizes and spiritual beliefs to compete in a warm, accepting and encouraging atmosphere. It was one of the most loving environments I have ever experienced.  

Why did you choose Today's International Woman pageant system?

Being a strong community service advocate my entire life, I LOVED the fact, that this pageant supports such wonderful causes. My favorite part is that each month a different queen’s platform is featured and then we all do something related to her cause that makes a more powerful statement nationwide. When each of us joins together to further a cause it has much more of an impact. And it expands your understanding of the world by helping you to learn more about causes you may not otherwise have been familiar with.  

What's your advocacy? 

I call my presentation "Show Your Scars."

It came from my experience working as a TV news anchor for over 30 years. Television news anchors are taught to do everything possible to hide their imperfections, showing the viewers only the very best of who they are. Much of that time I abided by that philosophy, showing only what I call a "Facebook Façade" to the viewers.

Over the years, I came to realize that the things that really make us who we become are not the honors and the awards we receive. Instead, it is our perceived "tragedies" that truly make us more powerful and positive human beings. We’ve all had events in our lives that, at the time, looked as though they were the worst things that could ever happen to us. But in hindsight, those events turned out to be gifted sending us in directions we would never have dreamed.
Here are just a few examples I've experienced in my life:

  • Came very close to having my foot amputated
  • Grew up living in a double-wide trailer house
  • Was fired from one of my jobs
  • Was diagnosed with skin cancer
  • I almost lost my eyesight due to a football
  • I was sent to cover the conflict in Darfur

Each of these things, taken at face value, looks to be something that would derail my life. In reality, they led me to live deeper and rich than I’d ever imagined. It’s true for all of us. How far such life events take you is determined by you. Each time something that is perceived as "bad" happens, it’s up to you to look for the hidden blessings inside. I have several skin cancer scars that I proudly wear as a cancer survivor.

Those "negative" experiences propelled me to create and produce my first TV show, "It’s All Good" and I am currently hosting a TV show called "Positively Kansas" that presents people who have overcome the challenges in their lives to become an inspiration to others.

So show your scars! Be a proud survivor! Know that your battle is an inspiration. You see, I’m scarred for life. Scarred for a BETTER and more IMPACTFUL life.

Her definition of beauty

When I think of beauty, I always think of inner beauty as the gold standard for measuring beauty. We all have met people who may not appear to meet the traditional standard of beauty on the outside but as we got to know them better they became luminous and just radiate beauty from within. Mother Teresa is the perfect example of that.  

On Women Empowerment

It’s as hard to define female empowerment as it is to define what being a woman means. It’s different for everyone. Empowerment to me means having the ability and the confidence to do things that make life better for others.

To be empowered is to have the resources to follow your dreams, set goals and achieve them. Empowerment is having the opportunity and freedom to live your life without limits. 

Her Legacy

What would you like people to remember about you?

That I truly cared about making life better for those in mental, physical or emotional pain. I have spent the past 20 years of my life serving on the boards of over 30 different charities. I’ve served on dozens of fundraising committees and donated time and money to hundreds of amazing organizations that are making communities better all over the world.

I have traveled to 49 of the 50 states speaking to women and children and have been to 27 different countries; including Africa, Cuba, The Philippines, and Haiti, where I have done POSITIVE news stories on those who are making a POSITIVE difference in the world.

My goal is to give hope to others and encourage and inspire them to pay it forward. Through my TV shows, I want people to realize that one person really can, and does, make a difference, and they can too.    

Learn more about being a TIW contestant at

By: Joyce Cortez

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  1. Great article!! Proud of you Sierra!! Congratulations!! Way to make a difference!!

  2. Sierra, this is an awesome article! Each time I read a new story about you I am more amazed at how you use your heart to reach out to others. I love that you believe in the power of God through prayer!

  3. Congratulations Sierra, you are such an inspiration!

  4. Beautiful person inside and out <3

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