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SO MYSTIFIED WITH MOSTAFA: A Special Interview with Man of the World 2017, Mostafa Elezali On His New Movie

Following his vibrant celebrity career from the fast-paced pageant scene to the exciting world of acting - the continued support of his fans witnesses his gradual rise to stardom. Through his hard work in acting and language workshops, Man of the World 2017, Mostafa Elezali landed a promising role in the very first iFlix movie called “Mystified” which debuts March 29, 2019, where he plays the antagonist in the character of “Luvictus” which is a Lucifer role.

Mystified follows four witches as they abandon their realm for earth after banishing an evil witch, Hellga into the magic Portalis. The witches who wander the earth for three hundred years are portrayed by famous actresses  in the Philippine film industry: Iza Calzado-Wintle as Adela/Addie, a mind bender; Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon portrays Helena/Ena, a chronomancer; Sunshine Dizon is Althea/Thea, a maiga/healer; and Diana Zubiri-Smith acts as Kathlina/Kath, an Atmokinesser who controls the elements. They adapt normal occupations to live among humans. They were forbidden to use their powers at the time, but the sorceresses had to reunite to defeat evil.

Due to popular demand let us dive deeper with Mostafa into his latest venture which is guaranteed to leave us all mystified.

How did you get chosen for the role of Lucifer in Mystified? Was there an audition?

I was recommended to the director because of my features that match the character. Yes, there was an audition.

Do you think you did justice to the role? How?

The role was very challenging but I believe I did my best to portray that villain. I focused to get into his personality.

If you were given a chance to choose your role what character will you play?

A vampire or werewolf or a superhero. 

What character personally appeals to your personality? Playing the good guy or the bad guy?

I believe I can do the good and the bad character and most properly the funny character as well.

How was the experience for you in filming your first major movie role?

I was so excited to be part of it, and I gained a lot of experience from it.
If given the option, what kind of movie do you think you will be good in? Action? Horror?  Love? Fiction?

Action and horror.

While filming with the female major cast, do you think one of them could be a leading lady in your future films? Who is your dream leading lady? Will you allow yourself to do intense romantic scenes?

I’m not sure about who my future leading lady will be, but this will come by the time when I know that person more so we can understand each other. Yes, I can do romantic scenes.

You have been given some minor roles already in some movies before. Are you ready for a major role in a movie anytime now? How do you see your level as an actor this year?

I’m born ready for what I like, so yes I can do it, and I see that I’m improving in my acting skills.
Do you have any new upcoming TV or film that your audience can expect in the future? 

Not yet, but soon will announce to my fans.

Do you have a special message to your fans around the world who continue to support you?

Thank you for believing in me!

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Photos Courtesy of Black Tie Entertainment.
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