Monday, April 1, 2019

Spotlight on Olivia Raffaele, an Australian Teacher of the Blind and Crowned Miss Galaxy Queensland 2019

Olivia Raffaele, Miss Galaxy Queensland 2019 

Olivia is a 24-year-old teacher of the blind, is returning to pageantry to break down negative stereotypes and fulfill her passion for helping others. She was crowned in November last year.

When most people think of pageants they think of the show 'Toddlers and Tiaras' or something similar, which to be honest, represents this form of competition in a negative light. Pageants are not for everyone, but for some, it’s something very motivational and empowering.

As a school teacher at a blind specialist school in Queensland, she finds her job very challenging and rewarding.

Being a special educator is definitely challenging at times, but seeing my student’s progress and see them happy and fulfilled means that I am doing it right!

Pageants have often been portrayed in a negative light by the media, the general consensus is that it is a step back for feminism and is degrading; in regards to the swimwear section specifically.

A lot of people that tend to speak the most negatively are people who have never been to or participated in a pageant. I am not saying that having that view is wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, pageantry has a lot more substance than the swimwear section and the ‘fails’ that you see on YouTube.

Miss Raffaele states that her experiences in pageantry have somewhat shaped her as an individual, and enhanced skills that have proved useful in her career. Olivia is competing in Miss Galaxy Australia 2019, which focuses on public speaking, body positivity and philanthropy.

I am a frequent contestant of Australia Galaxy Pageants, which is a system that revolves around personality, volunteer and charity work. It’s a great motivator and provides initiatives for young women to go out into their communities and make a difference; which is fantastic.

Olivia has competed in Australia Galaxy Pageants whilst she has Bell’s palsy, a form of facial paralysis, back in 2016.

Wow. That seems so long ago! It was a life changing experience for me, competing in a beauty pageant with my face drooped and unable to speak, or even see properly. I was so grateful that I was persistent enough to go through with it because I have never felt so brave and confident in myself as I did at that moment. It really reinforces how supportive the Galaxy system is. I am so thankful.

Olivia will be representing Queensland in competing for the title of Miss Galaxy Australia 2019 in May on the Gold Coast.

I am incredibly excited to start my journey again with this system. I am a very driven young woman and no matter what, I am going to make the most out of the experience.

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