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Spotlight on Rachel Miller, Miss World America Massachusetts 2019

Rachel Miller, Miss World America Massachusetts 2019

Claim to Fame

I am very grateful to have the ability to relate to a diverse group of young women, teens, and children. This allows me to help lead them on their path to success — truly being a leader for those who need that extra nudge, or even need to know where to begin the path of pursuing their dreams. 

What's your everyday mantra?

"Have faith." So many times, we are lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Wondering if the light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter if we will even reach it. I truly believe in having faith, having faith that the hard work you put forth will show itself to be your dreams and aspirations coming true. It just might not be the first time you try or even the second. I've experienced this plenty of times. But, I've always found a way to have faith, in myself, God, those around me who have helped me, those I teach this to, I have faith in my life and the path I'm pursuing.

Beauty with a Purpose Project 

My Beauty with a Purpose Project (BWAP) allows young women to find their path within the field of STEM. Very often, teen girls are bullied for their desire to seek a degree in the field of STEM. One individual I worked with wanted to become a pediatrician, but the boys within her friend group would tease her for having this goal. Her grades started slipping, and she started focusing on things she believed were "cool." This happens more than we realized. Many young women want to enter into a prominently male-dominated field of work but feel too intimidated. I'm here to eliminate the feeling of intimidation. By sharing my experiences, the failures I endured, how I overcame them, and reminding them they aren't alone, I'm creating a community. I am creating a community of young women. Young women who won't fight against each other for success but work together. By being vulnerable, sharing what truly got me to the place I am in today, these young women can picture themselves on their own path, seeing their success in the future no matter the adversities faced. All women should feel confident in their career choice, no matter what it is. I'm here to help them utilize the tools they didn't realize they had. To build their foundation for an amazing life.

What do you think of social media as a whole?

We live in a society where technology has become a way of life. With that comes social media. Social media has allowed us to connect with individuals all over the world, stay in touch with our friends and families as well as grow our businesses. Although there are many positive aspects of social media, there are many downfalls as well, such as creating a space for insecurities to arise just by opening up an app on your phone. I believe we are actively learning how to maintain a healthy mind and utilize social media for the positive aspects that it provides. 

Who influenced you the most?

It's hard for me to choose one single individual. I was raised by a single mother who made sure I was surrounded by many who could help provide for me. As I grew up, I went through high school and college. I found that I was most influenced by the community of people I surrounded myself with. Just as I was able to build a community of people who support me, I hope to help young women to do the same — showing them the importance of building a strong group of influential people who want you to be successful in your own individual way. 

Social media 

Rachel Miller

Photos: Miss World America Massachusetts 
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