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Spotlight on Whitney Mathlin, Miss Legacy US 2019

Whitney Mathlin, Miss Legacy US 2019

Up Close and Personal 

Whitney (Asia) Mathlin is a 26-year-old beauty queen who resides in the lovely sunshine state of Florida, where she attended middle school through college years. Whitney obtained an associate's degree and certification in Media Communications. Whitney is the second eldest of four other siblings: three sisters and a little brother. And, a proud mother of a beautiful girl named Jazmyne, whom she loves dearly. 

Pageantry Involvement

I was first introduced to pageantry in 2013, from a friend who entered me into a competition. She insisted I had to compete, so I did, and I ended up winning! From then on, I decided to continue on that path. I learned so much about myself, which challenged me to want to do better. I believe life is about self-development, challenging yourself, and being able to inspire others in their own uniqueness. Pageantry encapsulates all the above while giving you to voice out your thoughts and stand up for what you love. 

Tell us about Miss Legacy US

When pursuing a pageant, I look for an organization that goes beyond the physical characteristics and considers the individual as a whole. Miss Legacy US embodies beauty skin deep. Our focus is on what we can give others while letting our own light shine. This system, in particular, brings forth self-discovery amidst touching others' lives through your journey. This is what stood out to me the most. 

What's your platform?

My first platform was helping children directly, who were in foster care by making sure all their needs were met. This year, I have taken great interest in learning about health and holistic care. I have transitioned into a new career field as a physical therapy assistant/wellness coach. 

What's your legacy?

My legacy is to inspire children to reach their full potential in life through proper learning and education about health and nutrition. I believe in the old saying, "Health is wealth," and by doing so, you have the ability to change a life for the better. Healthy children will become healthy adults when they grow up. 

My next venture is to be able to teach classes at the local YMCA and to get children excited about their fitness. 

Wish for 2019

I would love to have dinner with my cousin Chanel, who is no longer with us. She helped raise me as a child and inspired me to always be myself and to love others unconditionally. I miss her. I am happy to fulfill my pageant duties, with her love in my heart.

Fun Facts 

I am a child at heart. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and family. Not many people know that I was a teen mother.

Describe yourself 



Biking, dancing, drawing, playing, reading, and research. I love documentaries.

Favorite Animal


Favorite Food






Favorite song 

I have too many

Favorite Actress

Zoe Saldana

Favorite Movie


Social Media

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  1. Thank you! Whitney is an amazing young woman whose heart is big.


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