Saturday, November 28, 2020

Exclusive Interview with Nellys Pimentel, Miss Earth 2019

Claim to fame

I am not the typical pageant girl.

Fun fact about you

I can speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

How did you get involved in pageants? What was your purpose? 

Miss Earth is actually my first pageant ever. I was never into pageants at all. But I saw in Miss Earth something different — a higher purpose to fulfill.

What's your mission as Miss Earth 2019?

My mission as Miss Earth 2019 is to amplify the voice of the Earth. To encourage the urgency of action needed to reverse the damage we are causing.

Social media especially Instagram is very influential to millennials and Gen Z —how can you incorporate the Miss Earth advocacy through them so they would have a better understanding as to why we need to "act now" when it comes to having a sustainable future?

Social media plays a huge role in the world we live in today. Creating a sustainable future is crucial and with new generations rising, "Act Now" can even become a hashtag campaign where even the small acts to contaminate less, to care more, are made more visible.

Developers and investors have been eyeing on building infrastructure (housing and industrial) developments in wildlife areas, including our oceans, rivers just because it sounds like an "exotic place." How are we able to press the issue that the ecological effect of these virgin forests is crucial to wildlife survival? And it's vital to humanity's health survival? 

It is still hard for me, and certainly a lot of others, to understand why big companies want to keep taking up space that does not belong to us. Every time we build yo create a community, we destroy natural resources, altering cycles of feeding, reproduction, and organic cleaning of the environment. The problem lies deep within the issue that not only we are building on natural resources; but that we are building irresponsibly, without the required permits, without a certain caution as to not damage (including materials, venues). If we were to build sustainably and clean, the problem wouldn't be as serious, but that is not the case. Wildlife and natural resources should be protected at all costs, all of the time.

What's your passion or interest outside pageantry?

I have several passions outside pageantry. The biggest one is art: painting, writing. I also love films and direction. And have a degree in Psychology that I wish to incorporate in my future career.

What is positive pageantry to you? 

Positive pageantry is an all-around experience, I believe. It has to come from within for you to enjoy and make the most of a journey like this. It is about a bond shared with other women or men. It is about empowering ourselves and others throughout the situations we endure. But most of all, it must come from a mindset of gratefulness, for being able to represent, to experience, to teach and learn.

How do you define empowerment?

I believe empowerment is based on education and representation. It is very important that through it, we develop independent in thoughts and actions, becoming progressive and also teaching others to empower themselves.

How do you like people to remember you, as a person and as Miss Earth 2019?

As a person, I want to be remembered as innovative, as a strong woman, as dynamic, as a fighter, as an intelligent and heartfelt human being. As Miss Earth, I want ti to be remembered as the best one yet because every year advocacies keep improving, people keep changing, and the environment more challenging.

Interview by Joyce Cortez 
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