Friday, November 13, 2020

PageantLIVE Spotlight on Roxie Baeyens, Miss Earth Philippines 2020

Roxie Baeyens: The Portrait of a Super Hero Woman Who Only Wants to Help Change the World with her Crown

Many times, I do preliminary interviews with International Titleholders from the Top Tier Pageants. I am always amazed at their passion and drive for positive change and their willingness to go that extra 1000 miles to make that change happen. So it was that I was similarly amazed when I sat down for a quick preview interview of Roxie Baeyens. 

Beautiful, warm, and friendly; not only by her impressive resume but talking to her, I can see a woman who has a sincere desire to make positive changes in the world. She is the granddaughter of farmers who instilled in her through their hard work, and caring to feed the people of the Philippines, a sense of passion for people but with a modern twist. Roxie is an advocate for Urban Gardening to ensure all people, even in an urban setting, are able to grow their own food, thus moving towards the elimination of hunger throughout the world. When not overtaken by hunger, people are able to better focus on other goals such as education, employment, etc...

After being crowned Miss Philippines Earth, Roxie took time off from her employer to allow her the time to give speeches at government agencies and to teach the importance of Urban Gardening and Agriculture (Plant, Plant, Plant Program), and Natural Resources. She continued the education drive by traveling out to villages to provide seeds and guidance to the people on creating their own gardens—a true Ambassador of Zero Hunger Philippines.  

We had the honor to interview Miss Philippine Earth through our friendship with the talented designer, Rian Fernandez, whom I met at NYFW hiTechMODA. Rian is himself not only a Philanthropist but a humanitarian and an animal lover. These three areas are also very important to me, so we connected on many levels. Rian had been contracted to create the gown to Miss Philippines Earth would wear. To create the perfect gown to embody its Queen, Rian got to know about Roxie's advocacy, her mission, and the Queen herself. In the vision of Miss Philippines, Rian created the handcrafted gown, bejeweled with rhinestones, sequins and Swarovski crystals, in orange to bring the spontaneity and a positive outlook on life that Rian states, "It is a great color to use during the time of the pandemic, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright sides of life." His creation had inspiration from the Filipino fictional Superheroine, Darna. This is a true character of a modern Filipina in saving the earth. Only one Queen could be able to meet the criteria, Roxie Baeyens, Miss Philippines Earth 2020. Her finale gown includes inspiration from her heritage, with a locale of three staircases of rice set in a tropical paradise. We will all have to tune in to see the masterpiece. 

As we concluded the pre-interview, I not only grew as a mature woman but was delighted to see the next generation caring about the preservation of the earth and elimination of hunger. I had one last question for Miss Philippines Earth, if you were to be crowned Miss Earth, what would your mission be? "To teach the World about my advocacy and protect our Mother Earth."

The honor was mine to meet you, Miss Philippines Earth.

Miss Earth Philippines 2020 Advocacy 

Da-Car Rafis

DENR Cordillera Administrative Region

Zero Hunger PH

Baguio Animal Lovers' League

Gown Designer Rian Fernandez 

Miss Earth Philippines Social Media



Miss Earth



Written by PS Privette in courtesy of Rian Fernandez
Video Interview by Jackie Schiffer, Commit to the Crown 

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