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America's Perfect Woman Laura Pucker

Laura Pucker, America’s Perfect Woman 2012

Laura Pucker, who is preparing to pass her title on to the next Queen on August 7th, took a moment to talk with our own Stephanie McGrane about what it took to win the title and all the fun she has had since being crowned. Laura told Stephanie giving up her title will be a bittersweet, but she is ready to move on.

Laura said she earned her title through hard work, unique and creative style techniques, and working on her platform.
Since earning the title of America’s Perfect Woman, Laura has had the opportunity to be an extra in The Glades TV series, and recently was in The Hamptons working on a project with one of the Real House Wives of New York, Jill Zarin.

What is Perfect Pageant?
The Perfect system allows you to express your fashion forward and creative style. The Jr. Teen, Teen and Miss compete in Fashion Walk; this is where they wear an outfit of their choice and walk the runway. They compete in swimwear in a one or two piece of their choice. Last is Evening Attire where each contestant will model her evening attire, which may be a long dress, a cocktail dress or even pants.  Each contestant is encouraged to showcase their own personal style. 

For the Preteen and Women, each contestant selects an outfit that she will model. At the end of the runway she will be asked a question, much like the formal interview in other pageant systems. They also compete in Summer Fashion, which is an outfit that can be worn on a hot summer day. Again, each contestant is encouraged to show her own personal style. Last is Evening attire, which again can be a long evening gown, a cocktail dress or pants.  World's Perfect Pageant is not looking for a particular style, but rather YOUR style. To learn more about America's Perfect Pageant visit http://www.americasperfectteen.com/

Laura's Platform
Laura’s Platform is called Cheering on our Children. Laura has been involved with her platform for 15 years. Her passion is cheer and dance. With her title, she has really been able to combine cheer and dance with pageantry. Laura really wants to start to focus on the individual’s creativity. The cheer and dance are usually more of a team activity, and so she wants to give them a venue to show their individual identities so that they can have more opportunities in the model and fashion industries.  Laura is trying to get cash scholarships for schooling to help the kids have the opportunity to get a college education. Laura is such a positive mentor for these children and really wants to see them continue on and succeed in life.

Laura has been able to take her passion to the next level and start a ground-breaking competition for both cheerleaders and dancers. America’s Perfect Cheerleader and America’s Perfect Dancer competitions have come together to highlight the true meaning of both cheer and dance as well as runway modeling.  This is the first year of this competition. And with Laura’s passion I can tell it will be a success. 

So What, When and Where will this competition be taking place?
America’s Perfect Cheerleader & Dance Competition will take place in Wellington, FL on July 27th from 1-6 pm. There are many different categories for different age divisions, starting from 7 all the way up to 20+. Cheerleaders and Dancers will compete in a 90 second individual cheer or Dance routine with music and Runway Modeling. There are also optional categories; Most Beautiful, Most Spirited, Runway Diva, Fashionista and Most Photogenic. There are also different individual cheer categories. To find out more you can visit them online at www.perfectcheerdance.com or email director2@perfectcheerdance.com or call 561-706-1544. This competition is for both boys and girls.

You can see the full interview below.

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