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Rock the Swimsuit Competition

Do you want to know how to WIN in swimsuit and fitness wear? Do you want to learn how to ROCK the stage in swim suit and fitness? Stephanie McGrane was able to sit down with four fabulous guest to talk about how to walk on stage with confidence.
How do you prepare yourself for swimsuit or fitness? Where do you start? How far in advance should you start? What color should you wear, what are the best types of shoes to wear? Our guest covered it all. Keep reading to learn all the tricks and tips.

Teresa Alvarez 2013 Miss Michigan Sunburst
Here are some of the steps to take to make sure your body is swimsuit ready. First, you need to prepare your skin. Teresa Alvarez, 2013 Miss Michigan Sunburst, suggested that you shave your whole body and exfoliate before you do any type of spray tan to help it last longer. If you are in a pinch Teresa suggested using sugar, simply rubbing it all over your body and letting it sit for 5-7 minutes. Then pat yourself dry. This removes all the dead skin and really will help your skin to glow on stage. 

Baby Oil and Bronzer!

Oil up! Lots of baby oil is one of the best well-known tips all our guest agreed on. Rub some baby oil on before you walk out on stage and you are sure to shine.  But did you know there are also many more tricks you can use baby oil for? Do you mystic tan? Well if you rub the baby oil on before you tan it will leave you with the perfect color, especially if you are fair skinned. Are you needing extra help to make your abs or leg muscles stand out? Well put the baby oil on then use a bronzer to define the areas you are wanting to “pop” more.  Melanie Stemmler suggested that if you are fair skinned to stick with a bronzer that has more of a silver tone, and if you are darker use a bronzer with gold tones. 

Another great tip is Sally Hansen spray tan, it is easy to use and works great for those last minute touch-ups. But you need to remember to make sure you are all the way DRY before you get dressed. On a side note, if you are going to apply spray tan, be sure to wash your hands after so you don’t end up with orange hands.

Hairspray Where?

Haley O’Brien – Miss Collegiate America 2012
When you are ready to seal it all on, Haley O’Brien, Miss Collegiate America 2012, says to spray your body with hair spray to seal it all on! A tip she picked up from makeup artists back stage at a pageant she was competing in.

Pump Some Iron...Back Stage!

We all know that there seems to be a lot of time between areas of competition. When you are standing back stage waiting to go out in swimsuit or fitness, take advantage of this idle time.  Michaela Abelgas Intl Jr. Miss Teen 2012 suggested taking arm bands back stage with you to use, so when you walk out on stage your arm muscles are tight. Don’t be afraid to get on the ground and do some planks or sit-ups to really bring those ab muscles out. This can also help you get your mind in the fitness mode for this part of competition. 

Michaela Abelgas Intl Jr. Miss Teen 2012
How You Look is a Lifestyle Choice

Have you ever looked at some of the ladies in swimsuit and thought, “WOW, they look so amazing!” Have you ever wondered how long it has taken them to prepare for this part of the pageant? All of the ladies we talked with said give yourself a good year to prepare your body for the swimsuit part. Melanie Stemmler said “Pageantry is a lifestyle you need to live a healthy life style, healthy preparation, when you think you are beautiful, you it will show on stage, pageantry is not about perfection, it’s about selling the best you!”

What Color Swinsuit?

There is always talk about the best swimsuit color to wear on stage. Does black make you look slimmer and help you hide the imperfections? Is white really the best color to wear to stand out to the judges? What about a really bright color, will the judges like that much color? Who would have ever thought that picking the color of a swimsuit could be so much work? Each one of the ladies had great advice for picking the best swimsuit color for YOU. Michaela Abelgas suggested that you think of what the background or backdrop of the stage will be. If it is black pick a color that will stand out, go bright, if the backdrop is white go red and standout. 

Haley O’Brien says to wear a colored swimsuit, it shows confidence. However if you do wear black be sure it goes will with your skin and hair color. Melanie Stemmler had a great idea about if you want to wear black, add some accessories. Gold always looks good with black. Teresa added to be sure whatever color you pick, make sure it is not too close to your skin tone or color. 

Shoes Make The Package Complete
Melanie Stemmler

Now that we have decided on the swimsuit color, let’s talk shoes. Do you wear a taupe or a clear shoe? Some things to remember are you want to be sure your legs have the look that makes them go on forever! You want to have the long leg look so don’t pick a shoe that has a strap that will break up the length of your leg. You want the judges to look at you, not your shoes, so don’t pick a shoe that stands out more than you do. Keep it simple.  All of our guest said no matter what color shoe you select, be sure you practice walking in them. At least six weeks in advance so that the shoe is well broke-in.  No matter what, be sure you know how to walk in your shoes, we don’t always walk in 4 or 6 inch heels, so practice, practice, practice! Michaela Abelgas, Int'l Jr. Miss Teen 2012, also said that if you feel a blister starting wear Band-Aids so that when it comes pageant time you are able to walk in your shoes without pain.

 Melanie Stemmler made a great point when she talked about wearing comfortable shoes at rehearsals and around town. Save your feet for the pageant. If you do have sore feet a few tips you can try is aspercreme, soaking your feet in epsom salt, or just a really nice ice bath for your feet.   

Jewelry and More!

Our guest gave really good advice on how to pose for fitness or swimsuit and also the best type of jewelry to wear with swimsuit, so be sure to check out the whole interview for all the tips and tricks to ROCK the stage in swimsuit and fashion!


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