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Olivia Culpo Miss UNIVERSE 2012 Visits Ask the Crown

Such an amazing opportunity for Stephanie McGrane of Ask the Crown to interview Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo.

 So what is the secret to Olivia’s success?
Olivia stated that the secret to ANYONE’S success is believing in themselves, working really hard, not giving up and having a good attitude. She said with that combination you can do anything!

When Olivia entered Miss Rhode Island USA, was it more hard work or more fun for her?
Rented dress for the Miss R.I USA Pageant
Olivia said that she worked really hard. However, at first she thought she wanted to perform on stage and get into acting, but once she realized she could win and go on to compete at Miss USA she gave it her all. From learning the pageant walks, learning how to interview, and preparing for swimsuit, Olivia said the only thing she left for the last minute was her wardrobe.

Dress Drama?
Olivia did not get her dress until the day before the Miss RI competition. It was too short and had a hole in the back of it, but Olivia was so prepared and confident in all the other areas that it didn’t matter what she was wearing. 

Oh, and the gown she was wearing when she won Miss Rhode Island was a dress she rented for $20.00!
The dress in her dreams

The dress in her dreams 
The red breath taking gown that Olivia wore for the Miss Universe pageant was just that, the dress in her dreams.  She knew before she even tried it on this was the dress for her. She saw the dress on a runway and fell in love with it.  She really did dream about the dress, in fact she couldn’t sleep at night because she was thinking about that dress.

Some of Olivia’s highlights as Miss Universe 
Traveling and meeting so many people. She has been able to change people’s lives because of the sash and the tradition of the pageant and what it means to people. Olivia said to have that effect on people has been so humbling and such an honor that she doesn’t feel like she is worthy of having that type of impact on people. She does know now, however, that having the crown and title does bring people happiness.

Her crown cake
Olivia turns 21!!!
So how does Miss Universe celebrate turning 21? She was with her friends and family on a boat cruise around the Hudson where they saw fireworks by the Statue of Liberty. She said the memories of that day she will carry with her for the rest of her life, and it was by far the best birthday party ever. And guess who made her birthday cake---The Cake Boss himself, with a crown on top!

Moving On
Before Olivia passes on the title of Miss Universe, she would like to continue to use her title to positively impact many people. She wants to continue working with the Miss Universe Charitable Alliances, she loves working with kids and to be able to make their day special if they are sick, or just going through a rough time. She just wants to make them feel special.

She would also like to keep spreading more information about HIV awareness and ovarian and breast cancer. Olivia really wants to make a difference in the awareness she brings through her platform.

Yes Olivia has an amazing wardrobe, yes she lives in a luxurious apartment in New York, but what has been the most challenging part of being Miss Universe?
Olivia said the most challenging thing is not being able to see her family and friends when she wants to. She is very close with her family, so not being able to spend all the time she wants with them is difficult at times. Being the positive person that she is, Olivia did say that nothing is ever going to be completely perfect and there could be things way worse and she doesn’t feel like she can even complain about that!

Did you know Olivia can sing? 
Yes, and she has an amazing voice. As a cellist she loves classical music, or techno when she is getting ready to go out and have fun, or country when she feels like dancing. Overall she likes just about every type of music there is from country, to pop to R&B and hip-hop, she likes it all.  

picture from blodfacers.com
Olivia has such a gift for music she inherited from her musical parents. Both of her parents began their careers as musicians; her mother was a violist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In the second grade Olivia took interest in the cello. Olivia did attend band camp, eight years straight. When asked what type of music she enjoys playing, it is no surprise when she says "classical".

Olivia would like to end up in the entertainment industry, but when asked what her dream job would be she wasn’t sure. She loves everything about performing and playing the cello, singing, acting, hosting, so she is not sure what exactly she will do, but it will be some part of her life. We will just have to wait and see.

In Olivia’s free time, when she is not in the spotlight, she really loves to be with her closest friends and family and surrounded by her loved ones. She likes to watch movies, play games like Charades, Catch Phrase, and other random games. She loves going to the beach, relaxing, being outdoors, and she likes to journal.

Olivia’s advice to all who dream to become Miss Universe
Don’t let chasing the title define you, but in the back of your mind think about how a Miss Universe should be and do everything you can in your power to mold that vision you have for your Miss Universe. That way, win or lose, you have a personal goal that you would want to aspire to, and you are bettering yourself. That is really the whole idea surrounding any pageant: bettering yourself, not necessarily winning, just being the best you can be.

What’s next for Olivia?
A VACATION! Catch up with old friends, traveling and then get back to work, maybe even going back to school.  

When and where is the next Miss Universe?
Nov. 9th 2013 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Be sure to tune into NBC to see who the next Miss Universe will be!


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