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Mrs. Earth International 2018, Dr. Sonal Parihar Talks About Women's Issues in India

Sonal Parihar, Mrs. Earth International 2018 from Rajasthan, Central India was crowned on June 10th last year in Las Vegas, Nevada. She describes herself as a born perfectionist, full of diligence and has the utmost care for human values. Sonal asserts, "I’m a doctor by choice, a gynecologist by profession and a fashionista by passion."

Sonal who is a trained laparoscopic surgeon and colposcopist, and practice her profession in her multi-specialty owned hospital in Jodhpur, says, "As a doctor, I’m emotionally strong and balanced. I strictly manage my time depending upon  the preference of that day, keeping an optimum balance between family, hospital work, social commitments, and personal care."

Aside from being a beauty queen and working on her advocacies, Sonal loves rhythm, "It lies in dancing on any beat, and it adds zing to my life and gives me a sense of rejuvenation. I’m generally a very serious kind of work-oriented person, but I love partying, especially dancing in any music. If I’m in a mood, I can enact and do mimicry of the walking and talking styles of people around me.

Women's Issues and Community Involvement 

As a philanthropist, I am a social and environmental activist and brand ambassador for many social issues which are labeled taboo, prevailing in my country such as Save Girl Child, Daughters are Precious, Promotion of Menstrual Hygiene Using Biodegradable Sanitary Pads.

I started the drive of Proper Disposal of Biomedical Waste to prevent environmental degradation almost ten years ago and was recently awarded as City Citizen by City Focus for this project.

Tell us more about your advocacy?

As a director of a multispeciality hospital, I have been working towards safe and hygienic disposal of hospital generated biowaste where I have a team of 60 people working with me to ensure a safe and clean environment. Apart from being the brand ambassador for "Women Menstrual Hygiene and Proper Disposal of Sanitary Pads," as well as, "Save and Educate Girl Child," I am also working with a US-based NGO towards population control which is indirectly an environmental threat. As a consultant gynecologist and cervical cancer specialist, I run courses and workshops for young trainees as I believe in educating the masses.

Being a laparoscopic surgeon, giving a smile to infertile parents with a gift of a child by performing fertility preserving surgeries is my passion.

Pageantry Involvement

How did you get involved in pageants, when and how?

It all started one year ago when I applied for Mrs. Earth India to get a platform where I could showcase my work and personality, reflect my thoughts and ideas about the social issues, and reach out to millions of people with the fame that the crown brings. After winning, all my hard works got endorsed, and many gateways opened up which enhanced my outlook towards Mother Earth.

Why did you choose the Mrs. Earth system?

Mrs. Earth system is based on environmental issues which are close to things that I have been doing over the last ten years. Causes of environmental failure and their remedies intrigue me, and as an environmentalist, it will give me a bigger platform to work and educate others.

How was your experience at Mrs. Earth pageant in Vegas?

Apart from the feeling of contentment and joy of winning the title, Mrs. Earth pageant got me close to many new pretty faces and dignified personalities from across the world. The experience of sharing and living with beautiful people for this brief period has proved that humanity is the basis of living, all other features of a person are social obligations.

What was your favorite and memorable part of the pageant?

After a year-long tireless efforts and consistent hard work preparing for the pageant, the most memorable and of course favorite part of the pageant was to be named as the winner of the title of Mrs. Earth International 2018.

Any pageant advice to ladies who would love to join Mrs. Earth?

If you have a knack of keeping yourself fit, confident and above all, if you love Mother Earth as much as your own mother, then you should go on without losing any time. Believe me, you are in the right direction and heading towards a platform which will transform your life.

As Mrs. Earth International 2018

I have been working on many social and environmental issues over the last ten years. With this title, I will take my work on the next level with more volume and power. I will enhance the radius of my existing work to reach out to masses across the world.

Family and Personal Life

What is something you can’t live without and why?

I can never imagine myself to live without my family. My family is my strength and has always stood strong beside me in my even and odds. My family gives me the utmost feeling of relaxation, comfort and makes me a complete woman.

If you have one wish to be granted, what is it and why?

I would love to see a clean and safe environment in the world we live in so that I can proudly tell my children that they have a safe place to live provided they maintain the legacy.

Define Beauty

In my opinion, beauty is a reflection of the purity of soul and a compassionate heart which can be better felt than seen. It is a synonym for love and internal happiness which comes with patience, satisfaction and eternal belief in yourself.

Beauty has to be pure, selfless, harmless.

Physical beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder which changes with time and can be faked with fake expressions or make up- which do not last long.

Define Women Empowerment

When a woman is mature enough to have a heart to care, strength to support, patience to understand, willingness to listen, and just to be there when needed - that is a beauty of a woman.

A woman becomes empowered when she understands her stance in the society and realizes that her compassion and patience are her strengths and not weaknesses - that she is gifted by the Almighty to be able to create and nurture a new life and she has the ability to teach man sharing and caring.

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Sonal Parihar
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