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She's Beauty and She's Grace, Spotlight on Andromeda Peters, She's Miss United States 2018

"From sea to shining sea like Lady Liberty
She reigns over all she sees
She is beauty, and she is grace
She is queen of 50 States
She is elegance and taste
She is Miss United States."

Who loves William Shatner's Miss United States song description in the movie Miss Congeniality? Well, we all do, and that's precisely embodies the reigning Miss United States, Andromeda Peters.

Andromeda shared on her website's biography that she is a daughter of a transgender parent, "She loves and honors her dad's journey who she shares a deep bond with. Her other father is from Ghana where he used to be a musician and have reconnected with her a few years ago. Andromeda says these past experiences encouraged her to share her own story to empower others, and she believes that there are no limitations in life."**

Andromeda who represented Miss United States Virginia was crowned as the Miss United States 2018 on the 8th of July last year at the Omni Orlando Resort, Champions Gate in Orlando, Florida.

Q&A with Miss United States 2018

Describe yourself in one word and why?

Enthusiastic! I am always excited about life.

What’s your advocacy or what are you passionate about?

Mental health awareness! It is only fitting since I am a licensed psychotherapist. I love to include self-care and self-love into my mental health tips.

Favorite place in your State and what’s special about it?

I love visiting any vegan restaurant! I love Silver Diner in Springfield; especially breakfasts because I am a foodie!!

Define women empowerment

Women empowerment is doing whatever you can that makes you feel whole and complete. No two women are the same. So it's up to us - as women to define what makes us feel alive, strong, and inspired.

What’s your definition of "Beauty and Grace?"

My definition of "Beauty and Grace" is authenticity.

I’ve wanted to be the Miss United States for a while! That’s because I love that every national queen has had such a unique platform, personality, and their own look. I felt like it was the perfect fit for me because I won just by being myself! That is, "Beauty and Grace."

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Miss United States 2018

By: Joyce Cortez
Cover Photo: Fadil Berisha Photography, 2nd Photo: Carlos Velez Studio
**Biography source:

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