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Spotlight on Miriah Ludtke, Miss Missouri USA 2019

Miriah Ludtke is not only Miss Missouri USA 2019, but she is also a bonafide boss babe and young professional making strides in the sales recruiter industry. After years of hard work, sweat and tears, Miriah has nabbed the title and is ready to prove to the world you can have it all - beauty, brains, a title, and a fulltime career.

Claim to fame

Miss Missouri USA

Fun fact about you

My name is Miriah Jo. Miriah is my Mother’s middle name. Jo(e) is my father’s first name. I don’t think it’s a coincidence either that my initials ended up as MJ since my dad is the biggest Michael Jordan fan ever. 

If you have one wish to be granted in 2018 what is it and why?

That the University of Illinois cheerleaders beat Mizzou in the annual Liberty Battle at The Braggin’ Rights Game in late December, this game has been a long time family affair, and the Liberty Battle is my favorite part. I know I’m a Missouri girl now, but Fighting Illini Basketball will always hold my heart!

When did you start getting involved in pageants?

I learned about the USA system after receiving a postcard in my mailbox. At that time, the organization was partnered with Lindenwood University and offered a large scholarship just for competing. The higher you placed, the more scholarship money you won. That year I went on to place 1stRunner Up at Miss Illinois Teen USA. A few years later I attended Lindenwood and graduated debt free! Who knew one postcard would be able to give me so much!

How does it feel to be the new Miss Missouri USA?

Unreal. If you haven’t seen my crowning video, I encourage you to watch it. When you chase something for as long as I did, it’s hard not to let yourself start to believe it may never happen. When it finally did, years of emotion and heartache from failure poured out of me. It was the most emotional moment of my life. A true blessing…

What's your plan or platform you will work on as Miss Missouri USA?

Big Brothers Big Sisters. My mother spent a part of her childhood in foster care and always taught me how important it is to take care of kids in your community. I have been matched with my Little Jyshyra for three years. She is an amazing young woman and a true blessing to my life.

Tell us something people don't know about you?

I have a serious obsession with romantic tragedies. I may or may not have cried for 48 hours after watching A Star is Born...

Any piece of advice to girls who are planning to join a pageant?

Invest in professional help for stage makeup and wardrobe selection. I can’t stress this enough. What looks good for Prom doesn’t always work on the pageant stage. I highly recommend Ashley Tribble for guidance. Ashley is a makeup business owner and a former gown store owner.

What's the best piece of advice you ever received in your life?

"Good things come to those that grind." 

What's your passion or interest outside pageantry?

I love animals! I had a really hard time as a kid making friends, but luckily I had a pet kitten who was always there for me to cry on. That cat passed in December and was one of the greatest blessings to my life. 

How do you define women empowerment?

For me, it’s about loving yourself and all your failures. Share your failures with the world. There are women out there facing the same struggles who need to know they aren’t alone.

What is something you can't live without and why?

Starbursts. Silly but serious! I am a sugar fiend! 

Social Media

Instagram Personal handle: @miriahl  Official Miss Missouri USA: @missmousa 

Facebook Personal page: Miriah Ludtke  Official Miss Missouri USA page: Miss Missouri USA 

By: Natalie Mc Govern
Photos: Georgina Vaughan (Cover Headshot), 2nd photo byTrey Saxon

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