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Beauty is Back! A Glimpse of Perfection with Alexia Rae Castillo, Queen Beauty USA 2018

About two weeks ago, Alexia Rae Castillo was announced as Queen Beauty USA 2018 and set to compete in Spain at Queen Beauty Universe in the Spring of 2019. With this new fabulous role, Alexia described it as an exciting whirlwind experience. Photo shoots after photo shoots and modeling opportunities just present themselves right in. On her part, the most exciting moment was the first glimpse of the crown, "Oh my gosh, it's by far the most beautiful crown I've ever seen! I'm really looking forward to preparing for the international competition in Spain, making appearances, and continuing philanthropic work." 

Yes, she's right. The crown isn't just about being a beauty queen but it also represents the impactful contribution in the society.

Beauty is back!

Alexia Rae Castillo is known for her appearance in numerous music videos and TV shows. You might not know but this beauty has made her feature film debut in the theatrical release of Warner Bros., Entourage, and most recently appeared in Disney's Wrinkle in Time starring Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon.

As we get to know Alexia, we’ve learned how her beauty also reflects from the inside, she is the 5th oldest of 12 children and was born on the coast in Mississippi where pageants are held all of the time and for all ages. She jokes, "Can you imagine being our parents? 12 kids! I don't know how they did it. All I can say is God Bless you, Mom and Dad!" She further recalls, "My very first pageant was when I was 11 days old and out of 12 babies, I won Best Hair and 2nd runner-up." 

Perhaps we can all agree with the old adage that goes "born with glitter," isn't she?

Alexia admits she is not the typical pageant girl. She assertively says, "I honor my pageant sisters and women around the world who have "platforms" - I just have a mantra that I live by that centers around kindness. Anyone who knows me knows that I mean it when I say, "it's nice to be nice." I feel strongly that the world could use a lot more kindness between people, and I do my best to do my part to contribute to that every day and with everyone, I come into contact with."

Aside from pageants and acting, Alexia also loves traveling and exploring new places where she outlines, "I find different cultures very interesting." 

She attracts the spotlight but the way she described her adorable pup was precious when we asked if there's one thing she could live without? She fondly answers, "This is an easy one. I have the cutest, little chihuahua/Shih Tzu/poodle mixed dog named Selena. This little girl is my world and she goes everywhere with me. I named her after the singer Selena Quintanilla. This little pup has such a sweet, loving, fun, and playful personality and just having her around makes me happy."

Defining Beauty and Women Empowerment

Alexia defines beauty and empowerment as graciousness and kindness saying, "I feel like whenever you leave a room of people, if you have the ability to make those people feel good, then that is "beauty." Being kind, respectful, and appreciative of the differences that all people can bring to your life, that's how I define beauty!"

"For me, the empowerment of women comes in so many shapes and forms. The collection of our life experiences, whether similar or entirely different from one another, makes us powerful. The way we care for ourselves - mind, body, spirit, makes us powerful. Our concern and will to lift each other up makes us powerful. You see, I don't think women's empowerment is a hashtag; I think it's a way of living, of being, of moving through life, every day. I feel empowered when I'm in a zone where I'm feeling healthy, happy and loved. I feel empowered when I'm able to embrace all that makes me who I am from how I feel on the inside to how I look on the outside. I feel empowered when I see women embracing all that they are and when they challenge themselves, the status quo and the 'movement of the moment' to retain their individuality and their unique point of view. Being you, all the time, without fail, defines empowerment for me - regardless of gender."

Pageant Advice

"Compete. Take a chance. Don't let anyone or anything discourage you from experiencing any and every part of your journey in this life. It's your life after all. Oh, and two super important things... Be kind. And, BE YOU through the process. There's only one of you, don't waste your time trying to change that to fit a mold."

With all of her success in life and career, we daringly asked if she have one wish or two in 2018, she graciously responded with, "To win Queen Beauty Universe in November and then land a gig in a major modeling campaign with either Guess/Marciano or take a walk with the Angels in the Victoria's Secret fashion show."

Alexia truly characterizes beauty in a beauty. Perfection, indeed.

You can follow Alexia's journey on her personal Instagram account and at the Official Queen Beauty USA  Instahandle and on Facebook.

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