Friday, June 29, 2018

PageantLIVE Red Carpet Highlight: Alexa Arzillo, Teen Miss Virginia Earth United States 2018

Alexa Arzillo, Teen Miss Virginia Earth United States 2018

One fun fact about you:

I am super involved in school between color guard/winter guard and environmental clubs.

Tell us about your platform.

My platform is saving our oceans from waste and pollution.

Living so close to the beach and Chesapeake Bay I have been fortunate to work with such active environmental organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, Better Beach Project and Lynnhaven River Now.

I have even been able to create a bunch of my own cleanups. Other than cleanups, I have been visiting Environmental Centers, such as the Brock Environmental Center, where I was able to educate others on the importance of keeping our waterways clean. At their showing of the Straws Documentary, I was able to bond with others who share my passion on stopping the use of plastic straws.

Right now, as humans, we are the number one predators towards our planet, and education whether at Environmental Centers, beach cleanups, school gatherings or just being out in public is the key to keeping our waterways clean and improving our environment.

What are you looking forward to at Teen Miss Earth United States?

Definitely just getting to know everyone at a better level for a whole week, as well as watching my sister queens compete!

What is something you can’t live without and why?

Definitely my friends, family, and mission work. These are people that have had such a great impact on my life. We have been able to support each other and appreciate what we want to accomplish in life.

With mission work, I have been able to see how people that are not in the best living conditions and still live life the best way they can. I have honestly come to see that they enjoy and appreciate so much more than we do.

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Teen Miss Virginia Earth United States

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