Saturday, June 30, 2018

PageantLIVE Red Carpet Highlight: Merrick Randy Alexander, Miss Nebraska Earth United States 2018

Merrick Randy Alexander, Miss Nebraska Earth United States 2018

One fun fact about you:

I started singing when I was 3-years-old and fell in love with the world of music.

Tell us about your platform.

First of all, my advocacy is to preserve and protect Earth by reducing and removing plastic waste.

Earth is truly a gift and has been taken advantage of for hundreds of years. It is up to us now to work on changing our behavior and working to cleanse the Earth of garbage and damage. These changes will not happen overnight, but the more awareness we spread about recycling, picking up trash, reusable straws, bags, and cups, plant diversity, and etc... we can begin to cause multiple ripples and then hopefully a wave of change. Let’s be the difference our Earth needs and the people of Earth need.

My personal platform is “You Define You.” I came up with this movement to teach men and women all over the world that their circumstances do not have to define them.

This is a movement to become extraordinary. We need to dare to dream bigger than we have ever dreamt before, and have the courage to pursue those dreams. We can break out of whatever box we are placed into, either by ourselves or by others, and become the incredible person we are meant to be. It begins with believing in yourself, and recognizing that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that your heart desires. Make the changes necessary and chase after your dreams and goals. Believe in yourself: I believe in you.

What are you looking forward to at Miss Earth United States? 

I am honestly most excited about the experience itself. It's not every day you get to compete on a National stage and meet extraordinary women from all over the country! I am also extremely honored and excited to sing as a part of the production at MEUS!

What is something you can’t live without and why?

I could not possibly survive without my family. I could be the richest, most famous, and successful person on earth, but without my family, it would be like I had nothing. They support me, encourage me, and most importantly love me unconditionally. I know the question is what thing I couldn't live without, so I guess I would say "love." Family is true love.

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Miss Nebraska Earth United States

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