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Let's Get To Know Dr. Sonia Sonia, Vying For Mrs. Earth International 2018

Mrs. Earth South Pacific 2018 and Global Elite High Point 2018, Dr. Sonia Sonia from Australia believes in pushing through adversity; not only surviving but thriving. Dr. Sonia, herself, is a survivor of family violence and says she knows what it feels like to carry the tag "victim" on your shoulders. That's why her mission is to empower and influence survivors across the globe to live better lives, to educate themselves, and to be involved in whatever they want to be. She advocates, "I want survivors to be the Kings or Queens of their own lives and future. I believe I was born to make a difference and people around me everywhere I go are helping me to accomplish this."

World Peace is one more thing that Dr. Sonia's wishing for! Not only around the world but at an individual level as well. "There is so much hatred around the globe. I wish we could all live peacefully in this beautiful world, and enjoy the best of both the natural and man-made world," she says when we asked if there's one thing she could wish for in 2018. And added, "At an individual level, to improve quality of life and relationships amongst each other."

Aside from the fact that she is a science genius and a beauty queen, she is also a recreational pilot trainee! Cool, eh!

Here are more scoops about Mrs. Earth South Pacific 2018 and Global Elite High Point 2018

When did you start getting involved in pageants?

November 2017. Mrs. Earth is my second pageant, it was a childhood dream come true. I was so impressed by the commitment to community work by pageant delegates. I believe winning a title is a big responsibility. Do you know any other job around the world where it’s mandatory to do community service as a part of your role? It's not just dolled up and rock up, it's so much deeper than that. It’s about doing your part, big or small, in making our community and world a better place. I believe if we all work together, we can achieve this.

Why did you choose the Mrs. Earth system?

I went to New Zealand last year with my kids and family to see glaciers. I was there nine years ago with friends, and it was so beautiful. I was gobsmacked when I saw that it has receded more than 2km in 9 years. I believe we are borrowing Mother Earth from our kids, we need to take care of it so that we can return it to them as beautiful as we received it. Do not treat it like an inheritance from ancestors and ruin it. Mrs/Ms. Earth is the only pageant in the world that is focused on the environment. It does open your eyes and challenges your thought processes. I have stopped carrying plastic water bottles and supporting and have started promoting a more recyclable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Also, Nicole Smith, the Mrs/Ms. Earth pageant director in Australia is amazing. She literally takes care of me like her family. In pageant world we are all big family - we support, cheer and look after each other. I could not think of a better platform than Mrs. Earth. My five-year-old daughter is so inspired and excited that I am Mrs. Earth South Pacific, and I will look after the ocean and trees and butterflies for her. As a titleholder, if I can inspire little kids to look after the Mother Earth, there is nothing better and bigger than this.

Tell us about your platform or yourself, choose one or both. 

Imagine ever being in a situation where you think the best way to get out is to end your life... Suddenly someone gives you a hand and pulls you out of that situation and shows you how beautiful life is. I have been there, I am grateful for people giving me a hand then. Now I want to be that helping hand. I have been helping domestic and family violence and sexual abuse victims for many years.

This year I have started a not-for-profit organization, ReStored: Be A Helping Hand. The premise of ReStored is dentists along with other professionals across Australia and the globe joining hands to restore survivors' smiles, confidence but above all else, their self-esteem. I am a wife, mother of two beautiful kids, dentist, businesswoman, entrepreneur, public speaker, trainee recreational pilot, Mrs. Earth South Pacific 2018 and Ms. Global Elite High Point Community Queen 2018.

What is your passion or interest outside pageantry?

People. I am passionate about people.

I love meeting them, talking to them, knowing about them, helping them. Dentistry allows me to do all that plus help them feel relaxed and free of pain and embarrassment. Anything I do in my life revolves around this philosophy. I am genuinely interested in people. I live by the quote - "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."

How do you define beauty?

I believe beauty is a character. It is a combination of many traits in an individual. Everyone is different and perceives beauty differently. Beauty for me is an advocate of kindness. It’s about being authentic, joyous, humble. It's about inspiring people you come across with. It's a lifelong asset and brightens and enlightens the world forever.

I do firmly believe that I AM BEAUTIFUL!

I always spread this message to everyone I meet - that they are beautiful. Do not get me wrong, outer beauty is impressive as well, however, that fades out soon if you do not have substance.

How do you define women empowerment?

Do you know that this term does not exist in many languages? Empowerment for me is empowering yourself and others to believe in yourself and make a change around you or in your community. To know your worth. It’s about helping each other and lifting each other up. Life’s journey can be boring if you walk alone. Imagine a group or a tribe of women who think alike and have the same goal of making this world a better place for all women to live? Nothing is more empowering than that. There is a saying, "When you empower a woman, you empower a whole generation." I believe this is the fastest way to change the world.

What is something you can’t live without and why?

My kids. It's the unconditional love they have shown me. So in brief: Love. I am a human, a social animal. We all have basic needs of belongingness. On a lighter note, research conducted in the UK recently showed that 50% of women can’t live without brushing their teeth. This makes me feel happy as a dentist and as a woman!

Where can we follow you on social media?

ReStored - Be A Helping Hand

Facebook page: Dr. Sonia Sonia

Personal website: Dr. Sonia 

By: Joyce Cortez

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