Friday, May 17, 2019

The Crown of a Lifetime: Miss World America's New Era is a Game Changer

Miss World America finally unveils its new crown.

Press Release: Miss World America is proud and beyond thrilled to announce that this year, Miss World America crown has been designed and handcrafted by the world famous jeweler Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co.!

This exquisite masterpiece made of gold and encrusted with diamonds and emeralds a value of $16,500,000 and is believed to be the most valuable pageant crown in the world to date.

Besides the main Miss World America crown, Jacob will also create the crown replica together with Miss Teen World America crown. Miss World America and Miss Teen World America will be crowned this Fall in Las Vegas, NV. While the titleholder shall keep the replica in her possession throughout the year of her reign, the original crown will occasionally be on display at Jacob & Co flagship boutique in Manhattan, New York.

To apply, Miss World America encourages you to contact your state director. Or visit, Miss World America website.

Miss World America's new era is a game changer, and it's for the better.

Learn more about the future of the organization, here's our interview with Producer Michael Blakey. 2019 is Michael's second year as the National Director but will be his first production year.

*Disclaimer: Press Release context and crown images derived from Miss World America post.
Interview with Producer Michael Blakey is PageantLIVE and Ask The Crown Exclusives. PageantLIVE is known for exclusive interviews, and we pride to have and maintains on publishing our original contents. 

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