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When Your Favorite Didn't Make the Cut at Miss USA, Is 'Robbed' The Right Term?

Go on nearly every poll and prediction site and Miss Texas USA was declared the clear winner of Miss USA by fans from day one. Connecticut was also overhyped along with California, as well as a slew of other Miss USA contenders. The sad (but true) reality is that none of these contestants made the finals during the Miss USA competition, and die-hard fans were not having it. 

So, what happened at Miss USA this year?

The total package is taken into account when it comes right down to it, and some girls just didn’t have what it takes. But we're not going to lie, some of these contestants that were left out, left us just as mystified as you were. It might be notable to mention that we saw a lot of lip fillers being overdone, which is not always a good look. And hello, the judges were an all women panel, so maybe next time they’ll rethink that one…

Overall, it was a very competitive year with lots of outstanding women competing for the title. Experts weigh in on speculation as to why some of these fan favorites may have missed the mark even with their beauty, and strong, stand out qualities:

Miss Texas - Alayah Benavidez. Her gown was a basic look, we’ve seen it done before. Alayah’s gown was an exact version of the one she wore when she won Miss United States but in a new red hue. It may have been a power move to intentionally hold back before unleashing a fierce, unstoppable performance, but in this case, it backfired, and Texas never got a chance to pull out all the stops to wow the judges.

Miss Connecticut - Acacia Courtney. Acacia gave us very Miss America girl next door vibes, (after all she did compete at Miss America) but her cute and spunky look just didn't translate to the Miss USA stage. Despite the hype, her performance and look just wasn't enough to set her apart from other fierce and sexy competitors vying for their chance at the crown.

Miss California - Erica Dann. Erica did the impossible - she won the most competitive state title of California on her first time competing - props to her. During prelims, however, California's performance came up short and was lackluster and her evening gown styling was an apparent miss for the judges. Even with a strong sash and impressive resume but little experience in pageantry, it wasn't enough to help her chances.

Miss West Virginia - Haley Holloway. This one is a head-scratcher because, by all accounts, Haley probably should have been included with her sizzling smile and captivating presence. She placed first runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2013, which was even more of a shock she didn't go further in this pageant. Then again, we have no idea what happened in the interview room.

Miss New Jersey - Manya Saaraswat. We doesn’t comprehend this one either. New Jersey was so photogenic and charismatic on the stage with a great walk during prelims. Manya offered beauty, diversity, and a fabulous stage presence. IMG, what more could you ask for?

We should also mention:

Miss New Mexico - Alejandra Gonzales. Even in the case of Miss Universe ready New Mexico we saw how the tables turned and how North Carolina nailed her Q&A, leaving Alejandra with an answer that focused on her follower count instead of more relative things to show for and less superficial metrics. The contestants were neck and neck and we can imagine the race was very close.

Miss Kansas - Alyssa Klinzing. IMO, Kansas should have advanced to the top 5. She had all things going for her and was one of the strongest contestants of the batch. Her walk was amazing and she had legs for days. Fluid and elegant, she really stood out. If given a chance we know Alyssa would have knocked it out of the park during the onstage Q&A. Let’s be honest, Kansas this year was pure #goals.

By: Natalie McGovern

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